Fighting the anti-marriage amendment

NC NOW is completely against the anti-gay marriage push.

Many NC NOW activists were part of the estimated 500 people at the rally that NC Equality set up outside the North Carolina legislature Tuesday in opposition to the anti-gay constitutional amendment that will be on the ballot in May of 2012. I wanted to share some of the great signs from the rally, many of them handmade.

Did I vote on Your marriage?

Welcome to North Carolina, where you can marry your COUSIN but not your partner.

Keep your STAMp of Bigotry off my constitution.
Note: The STAMp of Bigotry is a reference to Representative Paul Stam, who was involved in much of the anti-woman and anti-family legislation put forth in 2011.

We are including an ACLU-NC fact sheet on how bad this amendment is. They have a paragraph on each of these points and more.
a) This proposed amendment affects much more than marriage – it could ban ALL legal recognition of committed and unmarried couples, both gay and straight.
b) This amendment would TAKE AWAY BENEFITS from committed couples.
c) Our constitution should DEFEND people’s rights and freedoms – NOT DIMINISH them.

I would like to add that this anti-marriage amendment will HURT ALL COUPLES who choose to live together without being married – including younger couples and older people who live together but don’t marry for other reasons.

Also, I wanted to point out news saying that the anti-gay marriage push is being bankrolled by businessman Art Pope. You’ve probably noticed his name a lot this year (local and NATIONAL coverage!), and here he is again. This article is titled ‘Art Pope’s money key to NC anti-gay marriage push’. Read it at

We want to help families live together not hurt them. This constitutional amendment would hurt couples and families, not help them.


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