NC NOW Conference full of ENERGY and ACTION!

NC NOW’s 2011 state conference was full of ENERGY and ACTION! Our conference was November 19, 2011, in Fayetteville. It ran from 9am to 3:30, as planned.

In the morning, we concentrated on NC’s anti-gay marriage push, and the best way for our grass-roots organization to deal with this. It was a great opportunity to meet and hear Representative Rick Glazier, who always defends people so passionately and eloquently. After Representative Glazier spoke and answered many questions, we broke out into smaller groups to work on a conference resolution on this amendment and to brainstorm actions to defeat it.

At lunchtime, our keynote speaker, Representative Diane Parfitt, talked about this crazy contentious legislative session and how the bills are hurting women and families.

In our afternoon session, we broke out into groups to talk more about how women are doing in different areas (jobs, health care, reproductive rights) and what we may do to improve matters in these areas.

Each group had background information provided to it. The information on jobs is at x

The information on reproductive rights attacks is at

The information on health care is at

It was a busy, interesting and productive day. Hope you were able to join us. There will be opportunities to join our regional conference in the spring, and our next annual state conference next fall.


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