FB: Ironic response from Senator Burr’s office (4/10/14) – give him a call yourself!

Got a really ironic response to my letter and call on the blocking of the nomination of Jennifer May-Parker for the long standing vacancy in the Eastern District of NC by Senator Burr. As you may remember, Sen. Burr recommended May-Parker in 2009 (letter captured at Huffington Post, link found at “Richard Burr Blocks Judicial Nominee After Recommending Her To Obama,” (1/8/14). Then in 2013 when President Obama nominated May-Parker, Sen. Burr refused to sign the blue-slip to let the vetting of the nominee begin. He won’t sign it and he won’t say why he won’t, and his stonewalling is perpetuating the long term judicial vacancy and case backup and judge overload it causes.

There is so much irony in his response to my letter. He writes “There is no responsibility of office I take more seriously than my obligation under the Constitution to provide my advice and consent regarding presidential nominations.” He did advise the president, and mentions his 2009 letter, but IS WITHHOLDING HIS CONSENT EXACTLY.

He goes on to say “I am committed to seeing that our judicial vacancies are filled with qualified judges” But that is clearly not true as he continues to block Jennifer May-Parker’s nomination.

I am going to call about this irony – 202-224-3154. Please consider calling as well if you haven’t had a chance yet.

Update: July 15, 2014 – Senator Burr is still holding up the nomination. President Obama has nominated her twice in this time.

Update: 5/24/16: May-Parker was nominated twice and timed out both times (because Senator Burr refused to sign the Blue Slip to allow her to get a hearing). According to Ballotpedia, “May-Parker’s nomination was returned by the Senate on January 3, 2014 and she was renominated on January 6th by President Obama. On December 12, 2014, the Senate again returned the nomination to the President.” May-Parker was originally nominated on June 20, 2013.

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