Gigantic ERA event in DC on Sept 12/13, includes stars from NC!

You are invited to attend the rally heralding a new movement to pass the ERA! For rally info:

NC has 2 important speakers at the big ERA event in DC on Sept 13 – Marena Groll, and Madison Kimrey. Marena Groll has been convincing others of the need for ERA for years, and was involved in organizing some of the Moral Mondays outside of Raleigh, as well as being a passionate speaker herself. Madison Kimrey is the now 13 year old feminist who tried to discuss 2 things with Governor McCrory last year 1) how him bringing out cookies (and later cake) to Madison and the other protesters outside the Governor’s mansion after he signed the anti-abortion bill into law made her feel 2) to discuss the part of H589 that deals with the ability of 16-17 year-olds to pre-register to vote. Remember this? Both are great speakers, and both are NC NOW members.

National NOW officer Chitra Punjabi will speak, as will other VIPS!

Please join us in DC. Sept 12 is the Congressional Day of Action. See the schedule at

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