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Vote in style on Halloween – fun voting event in Charlotte! 10/31/14

Don’t be a ghoul, come right after school!
There will be plenty of treats,
because voting is sweet!

Fun voting event at an early voting site in Charlotte on Halloween, 4-8pm. Put on by Women Voting Our Values, National Organization for Women, Charlotte Chapter, AFL-CIO NC, Action NC, and more!

For more information from NOW, contact Charlotte NOW president, Louise Clark, at, or NC NOW president, Gailya Paliga, at 919-539-7702.



What you can do to get out the vote NOW!

Vote yourself! Be sure to check NC NOW PAC and NOW PAC’s endorsements at

Motivate others to vote! NC NOW set up phone banking opportunities this Tuesday and Thursday around the state. We have phone banking sites for this Tuesday, Oct 28, and Thursday, Oct 30, in 5 cities.

Over 100 thousand people voted on the first day of early voting in NC!! Fantastic!! A Charlotte TV station says people are “coming out in droves” to vote. Women have worked so hard to be able to vote, and this election is so utterly important, we want to do everything we can to ensure every NOW member votes!

To this end, NC NOW is coordinating phone banks of our members in 5 cities around NC. We are partnering with the Communications Workers of America to Get Out The Vote! National NOW started calling our NC member lists last week! We at NC NOW are continuing with calls to our members this week. You know how crucial this election is for women and the whole state. Plus calling with others is more fun!

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NC National Organization for Women Announces General Election Endorsements


NC National Organization for Women Announces General Election Endorsements

Raleigh, N.C. – On Oct 15, Gailya Paliga, President of NC National Organization for Women, announced that the organization’s Political Action Committee (PAC) has issued endorsements for statewide offices in the 2014 General Election.

NC NOW PAC announced candidate endorsements for the N.C. Supreme Court, N.C. Court of Appeals, and both chambers of the N.C. General Assembly. NOW PAC has endorsed federal candidates for US Senate and in 2014 US Congressional races.

pac rec 2014 general

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NC NOW Conference Pictures and Summary

“Demand Justice for Women NOW” was the theme for our 2014 NC NOW State Conference, which we held in at the Chapel Hill Friends Meeting building.

We had members from across NC, from Fayetteville to Asheville.  Three life members of NOW attended – Jan Allen, Mandy Carter and Margaret Mays.

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Which issues matter most to you?

The NC NOW Legislative Agenda for 2014/2015 is developed with input from NC NOW members.  The agenda outlines the organization’s public policy priorities.

To determine these priorities we had asked NC NOW chapters to network with their members and complete the survey below identifying priorities. We will also check on priorities at the conference, after people have heard more about what the NC Legislature did in 2013/2014.

Did you get to any Moral Mondays in 2013 or 2014?  Why?

Moral Monday 16 Feb 14 - see signs Vicki Boyer

Here is your chance to weigh in on legislative issues – which ones matter most to you?  Which ones did you get out to Moral Mondays for (if you were able to go)?  Which ones made you write your representatives?

Find the survey at  NC NOW State Conf. Legislative Agenda Survey-1

Please email your chapter leader if known, or email it to with your name, city and zipcode, and we will consider members’ input in our public policy priorities in 2014/2015.

NWLC Expert on women’s health coming to Raleigh – Oct 21

The next Crucial Conversations event brings Judy Waxman, an expert on health and reproductive rights from the National Women’s Law Center in DC, to you in and around the Triangle!

Judy Waxman NWLC

“Especially in the aftermath of the Supreme Court’s recent and now infamous ruling in the Hobby Lobby case, you won’t want to miss the opportunity to hear from one of the nation’s leading experts in this critically important and fast-evolving field.” So says the event webpage, link below.

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Join us in our fight to put women’s health and safety first, by Christina Mullinax

I am perpetually puzzled when people state that they don’t believe in abortion. What does that mean exactly? You don’t need to believe in abortion for it to happen. We know from 2000 years of history that women have found ways to end their pregnancies whether or not their government declared the practice as legal. The question is, do you believe that abortion should be a safe and legal medical procedure for a woman to decide if and when she needs it.

I have come to think that what people mean to say is that they feel they wouldn’t decide to have an abortion themselves or support it as an option for their loved ones. But this too is problematic. Many women who felt that way at one point have decided later on that ending their pregnancy was the best option for them, for their own very valid reasons. Despite what you think you know and feel right now, you can’t know what would be going on with your pregnancy and your life at all points in your future. You just can’t know.

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Inspired by Delores Huerta, student submission, 10/11/07

Dakia Davis wrote up this report after she heard and met labor leader and civil rights activist Delores Huerta twice in September 2007 when she was a student in Greensboro.  She submitted it to Raleigh NOW in Oct 2007.

Dakia Davis
SOC 371
September 26, 2007
Extra Credit: Dolores Huerta

I had the opportunity to attend two events featuring labor leader and civil rights activist Delores Huerta. First, at an event hosted by the UNCG Office of Multicultural Affairs (9/20/07) and again at the “From Campus to Congress: Women of Color Creating Change” conference held at Bennett College for Women (9/22/07)

Mrs. Huerta feels that current human rights issues such as education and incarceration would spark a “new” civil rights movement in the United States. She also feel that recent immigration debates and incidences such as the Jena Six would add to people’s growing passion for social justice.

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Female Immigrant Work Situation

♀ Female Immigrant Work Situation
This article was originally posted at and has been included in NC Women United draft documents starting in 2008.

The immigration situation in the United State is complex. There are so many barriers to becoming a U.S. citizen that it is hard to decide where to begin. Many proposed solutions to undocumented immigrants have been punitive. This article looks at the scope of female immigrants (documented and undocumented) and what would improve their lives and the lives of their children.

The National Organization for Women believes that comprehensive immigration reform must include fair and non-discriminatory implementation of our immigration and enforcement policies, and that must include economic, legal and social justice for immigrant women.

Equality for immigrant women can only be attained when immigrant women can live free from discrimination, oppression and violence in all their forms. It is imperative that policies promoting comprehensive immigration reform also support fair and just policies that protect the rights of immigrant women.

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