NWLC Expert on women’s health coming to Raleigh – Oct 21

The next Crucial Conversations event brings Judy Waxman, an expert on health and reproductive rights from the National Women’s Law Center in DC, to you in and around the Triangle!

Judy Waxman NWLC

“Especially in the aftermath of the Supreme Court’s recent and now infamous ruling in the Hobby Lobby case, you won’t want to miss the opportunity to hear from one of the nation’s leading experts in this critically important and fast-evolving field.” So says the event webpage, link below.

Don’t just save the date – Oct 21, 8am – join us for breakfast!  Register in advance to ensure space – only $5.

Cosponsored by NC National Organization for Women, NC Women United, and Women Advance NC.

Learn more at http://www.ncpolicywatch.com/2014/10/03/crucial-conversation-breakfast-with-judy-waxman-vice-president-for-health-and-reproductive-rights-at-the-national-womens-law-center/

Register for the event through this website as well.

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