Interactive presentation on support for same sex marriage – 12/2/14, 7:30pm

Things are legally changing fast for same-sex marriage – what does it mean and how do we reach more people?

Two or maybe three more states were added to the marriage equality map just 2 weeks ago (by 11/24/14).  What is the best way to reach the people who are still against same-sex marriage/marriage equality? Is there are similar problem with women’s rights?  Marriage Equality USA has a plan!

Join us at the Raleigh NOW meeting on Tuesday, Dec 2, at 7:30pm for the Heart of What Matters presentation to learn about how to reach groups with mixed feelings on a topic, and see it in action.  This topic is marriage equality.

Heart of What Matters is an approximately 45 minute long interactive presentation designed to promote discussion. The topic will be why the support for Marriage Equality has grown so large in the past couple years, and what it means.  What does marriage equality provide, and what problems do same sex couples still face, even when legally married?  How can social attitudes be changed and what would that do for society?

What: Heart of What Matters
Where: WPO building at 2912 Highwoods Blvd in Raleigh
When: Tuesday, Dec 2, at 7:30pm
RSVP:, 919-539-7702

Everyone is welcome and encouraged to attend.  We are the friendly audience for the presenter!  We’ll meet in the Toronto room.  Go to the main entrance on the side of the building that faces Capital Blvd.  Call 919-539-7702 if come late or if you can’t get in.

Email me at if you want to be a greeter, help set up, or bring anything.


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