NC NOW Pro-Choice Signature Ad celebrates Roe v. Wade!

On Jan 22, 2015, we’ll celebrate the 42nd anniversary of Roe v. Wade, the decision which gave women control over their own bodies and lives.  This year as every year, NC NOW will run a pro-choice signature ad in the Indy Weekly to celebrate the anniversary, highlight that North Carolinians support safe and legal access to abortion.  We will deliver copies of the ad to all of our representatives in the NC Senate and NC House when the long session starts in 2015.

Here are some previous signature ads!

signature ad live collage

The text of the signature ad says

“We, the undersigned, support a woman’s right to safe, legal and accessible birth control and abortion.  We condemn the acts of violence and intimidation directed at women and their health care providers.  We agree that these rights extend to all women regardless of economic status, and, as taxpayers, affirm our support for family planning services and for abortions for indigent women.”

Take a look at our appeal letter at sigad2015.pdf

To add your name or donate online, go to

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