Make a statement – I’m pro-choice!

Jan 22, 2015 marks the 42nd anniversary of the Roe v. Wade decision, which gave women control over their own bodies and lives.  We can celebrate that as a national blessing – 42 years of legal, constitutionally protected abortion care in the United States.

But how many abortion clinics are left in NC?  15.  Compare that to the 120 or so crisis pregnancy centers (CPCs) in NC. CPCs are biased, anti-choice organizations which masquerade as real women’s clinics.  Their overriding goal is dissuading women from having abortions, and many use scare tactics and even lies.  NC needs to keep the real abortion clinics it has, and get more clinics in order to give more women safe and legal choices.  Women in rural areas have the least access to clinics.

If you support the right to safe and legal abortion and women making their own decisions, you should sign up for the NC NOW’s annual pro-choice signature ad, and make a donation.  Sign up by Jan 16, 2015 (notice later date, we got an extension!).

The ad runs in the Raleigh/Durham/Chapel Hill/Carboro area.  Plus, we deliver the ads to every NC Senator and member of the NC House of Representatives, representing everywhere in North Carolina.  So every one of our representatives gets the ad from NC NOW with a signature ad packet.  You can find the 2015 pro-choice signature ad appeal letter at this version and mail it in.

You can add your name and donate online at
You can also donate anonymously both online and with the printed form.

Meanwhile, the regulations that DHHS is reviewing now came from the 2013 Motorcycle/Abortion law, remember that?!  With the Motorcycle/Abortion law (SB 353), the NC Senate and House and the Governor began us on an interesting path with the leaders’ intent of closing abortion clinics or forcing them to waste money to stay open – new regulations in the name of keeping women safe.  But this is more than paternalistic bullroar – these regulations can cost so much money that clinics are forced to close!  These regulations were the point of the DHHS meeting that NC NOW and allies encouraged members and supporters to attend on Dec 19, 2014.  Many of you did, and we thank you 

Here is a picture of pro-choice supporters waiting for the DHHS meeting to begin.  Photo credit:  Jamie Sohn.

DHHS meeting 19dec14 jamies

We really need to be visible and heard – now more than ever.  Please add your name and/or other support to the signature ad and consider other activities as well.  Thanks as always for your support.

p.s. Update on number of clinics available in NC – 16 – since Planned Parenthood finally was able to open in Asheville to replace Femcare.

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