Don’t give anyone the right to discriminate – reject SB 2!

Take action against SB 2, which would give magistrates the right to decide who gets their services according to their own personal beliefs and prejudices.

Reject SB2 Right To Discriminate

For more information on 2015 Senate Bill SB 2, see below.  To learn about how to find your own representatives, read

The full text of the bill that passed the Senate is at

“The Advocate” has a nice article they published after SB2 passed the Senate, at  There are some great quotes in this article, like this one.

“There’s not rationale to limit discrimination to gay people,” Democratic Sen. Josh Stein said in opposition to the bill. “It could open the floodgates to any [discrimination] that offends someone’s belief.”

Read more about SB 2 in the N&O, at NC Senate’s move to exempt magistrates rekindles marriage debate and from NC Policy Watch, in “Senate Leaders Push to Legalize Discrimination.”

Finally, here is a fact sheet from the ACLU-NC explaining why SB 2 is bad.

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