New terminology to cover old problems

We now have new terminology to cover old problems – ‘manterrupting’
and ‘bropropriating.’

Manterrupting: unnecessary interruption of a woman by a man.
Bropropriating: a man taking a woman’s idea and taking credit for it.

These problems are covered in some interesting places recently – Time Magazine, and the New York Times among them.

Time Magazine is where Jessica Bennett introduces the terms.


Bennett also refers to research, an article, and a larger series of essays by Sheryl Sandberg and Professor Adam Grant on the topics of women in the workplace.

Sandberg and Grant are writing a series of essays on the cultural impediments to women’s work equality.  Here is a link to their article, “Speaking While Female.”

Just this past week, 3/17/15, Google’s chairman, Eric Schmidt, was (nicely) called out for continually interrupting a woman on the panel he was on.

Maybe naming the problems will help people recognize them and improve their behavior.

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