This easy action is a twofer!

Together we can move our Senators

Both U.S. Senators from North Carolina have said they plan to vote against NC native Loretta Lynch as U.S. Attorney General. NOW has an action you can take encouraging them to vote for this very qualified candidate from anywhere you can access the internet (your office, kitchen, phone on the move).


Use the same action to tell your Senators (Richard Burr and Thom Tillis) to confirm Loretta Lynch as Attorney General and to pass a ‘clean’ Justice for Victims of Trafficking Act. At first, many Senators held up Loretta Lynch’s nomination as an excuse to complain about President Obama.  Now they are holding Lynch up to try to force an anti-abortion clause on what had been a bipartisan bill against human trafficking.

Senators are supposed to ensure that the nominees are qualified and competent, and vote based on that criteria.  The Senate Judiciary Committee had approved Lynch last February.   When they return on April 13, 2015, Lynch’s nomination will be hanging for 150 days!!

Read more background on this stalled nomination at

The picture of Loretta Lynch is from the Senate hearing (credit: Ron Sachs).

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