Advocacy for the ERA

NC4ERA and NC NOW would like to share opportunities to advocate for the Equal Rights Amendment (ERA) in NC. The first is an NC4ERA petition with Please link and sign.  You can also sign the form ‘in person.’

On Thursday, April 14th, Marena Groll from NC4ERA and Gailya Paliga from NC National Organization for Women spoke at the 2015 People’s Legislative Advocacy Day about the need for ERA and the 2 bills that were introduced in the NC Senate (S184) and NC House (H166) already this year.


We also did a “Silent Sentinel” Vigil for the ERA. It began at 2:00 pm in the Legislative Building in Raleigh, 16 Jones St.  So many people who came by did not know about ERA – I mean women didn’t know!

Read more at NC4ERA about North Carolina’s own Silent Sentinel daughter, Virginia Arnold, a determined Suffragist. May we follow in her footsteps.

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