Silent Sentinel Vigil for ERA on 4/21/15 at 2pm

Equal Rights for Women
NC4ERA and NC NOW recently held a “Silent Sentinel” Vigil for the Equal Rights Amendment (ERA). The vigil was quite successful in raising awareness. We are expecting coverage of those efforts in upcoming articles by the AP and the Indy Week.
Photo Credit: Roberta Waddle

We will stand sentinel again this Tuesday, April 21 at 2:00 pm, immediately following Women’s Advocacy Day activities at the NC Legislature, 16 W. Jones St. in Raleigh, NC. The hour long vigil will take place outside Office Rm. 1013 in the Legislative Bldg. This is the office of Rep. Darren Jackson, Vice Chair of Judiciary 1 Committee. The ERA Bill, H166, is sitting in Judiciary 1 Committee. We are advocating that the bill be passed out of committee favorably.

Please let us know as soon as you can if you plan on participating.We are expecting media coverage again at this event.

This is not a civil disobedience action and has been coordinated with building security. At no point will we block areas or access.

“Silent Sentinel” is in the tradition of the Suffragists who stood silently outside the White House during the struggle for the women’s right to vote. Some of our volunteer sentinels have elected to wear purple T-Shirts. This is a nod to the “Silent Sentinels” who incorporated purple into their sashes when advocating for voting rights for women. ERA rounds will be supplied.

You’re welcome to share this event with others who you think would like to attend. Also, please don’t forget to sign the ERA petition at

We hope you will be able to participate earlier in the day in Women’s Advocacy Day Activities. Register on the NC Women United site at  A detailed schedule of events can be found

If you have questions, please do not hesitate to contact Marena Groll, NC4ERA or Gailya Paliga, NC NOW.

Thank you,

Marena Groll, NC4ERA
Durham, NC

Gailya Paliga, NC NOW

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