Second Silent Sentinels Vigil at NCGA in the news!

Our second silent sentinels vigil at the NCGA made the news already!  This second vigil was done in conjunction with Women’s Advocacy Day! Thx, Gary Robertson of the AP, whose article was carried in the Asheville Citizen Times and on WCNC.  Thx,  Paul Woolverton of the Fayetteville Observer, for coming in to interview some of us!


We held our second Silent Sentinels vigil after Women’s Advocacy Day (WAD), April 21, 2015, at 2pm.  “Fearless” Carla Cunningham, primary sponsor of this bill, emceed part of the WAD press conference.  She introduced Robbie Madden, from Ratify ERA NC, to talk about the need for an Equal Rights Amendment.

We held this second Silent Sentinels vigil to encourage Judiciary I to move the House ERA bill (H166) along. This time our vigil was in the Legislative Building, in front of office 1013, in front of the Vice Chair of Judiciary I’s office.  Last time it was in front of the Chair of Judiciary I’s office.

AP article in Asheville –

Fayetteville NOW article –

The deep purple t-shirts say “Forward NOW” on the front.  “Not Back” on the back.  The lavender ones say “Fayetteville NOW.”  More on this at…/silent-sentinel-v…/

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