2015 Spring NC NOW Newsletter

See NC NOW’s latest newsletter. Do you know

  • HB465 includes new OUTRAGEOUS requirements for the physician who ’causes miscarriage or abortion’ after 18 weeks to SEND THE WOMAN’S ULTRASOUNDS, MEASUREMENTS, ETC TO DHHS!!!!!
  • What TPP is? What Fast Track is?
  • How safe abortions really are?
  • How unsafe college campuses really are?

Find out about these and more at https://northcarolinanow.files.wordpress.com/2015/05/ncnraleigh-now-newsletter-spring-2015-v6.pdf

News OMG extra extra

Also, read more about how rudely the NC House sped HB465 through, and how some good legislators tried to make it more reasonable (and/or school the House on why this law will be overturned if it gets that far) at https://northcarolinanow.wordpress.com/2015/04/24/interfering-condescending-and-invasive-bill-hb465/

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