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Set your calendars NOW!

Upcoming events – summer plus

Summer of Moral Resistance rallies schedule, next one in Raleigh 5/27

Here is a link to the protests known as Moral Mondays. They are currently scheduled from Apr 29 through Jul 6. See the current list at with the dedicated Women’s Rights Moral Monday on June 10.

The Women’s Rights Rally is on Wednesday, June 10.  Plan to be there, and show the world you care about women’s rights!  Organize carpools or a bus from your area!

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8 city tour protesting HB465, bill tripling waiting period, tracking doctors

Here are some pictures from the 8 city tour protesting House Bill 465, updated title “72 Hour Consent in Person or By Phone.”  

A list of problems with HB465, and protest tour stops around the state can be found at


Photo Credit: Hannah Osborne

Asheville, Monday, May 4 – Pack Square Park Amphitheater, 60 Court Plaza

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The next place to defend your right to vote is near where you live!

The next place to defend your right to vote is near where you live.
The State Board of Elections is holding 9 public hearings across the state to hear your comments about a fuzzy part of the new photo ID law. The law says the ID must “reasonably resemble” the voter. But what does that mean?
To clear up any confusion, the State Board of Elections (SBOE) has written preliminary rules that tell precinct officials how to decide if the ID “reasonably resembles” the voter.
Unfortunately, some anti-voter groups want to make those rules so strict that they would disenfranchise a lot of people — as the rules have done in Texas and other states.

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Let’s actually support women and families in NC, Tara Romano’s Moral Monday Reunites Speech

Tara Romano gave an excellent speech on women and the harmful and spiteful legislation going forward in the Legislature.  Contrasting that with what the legislature SHOULD and COULD be doinglifting women and families up. Tara gave this at the Moral Monday Reunites event, on 29 April 2015. NC National Organization for Women is a member of NC Women United.

You can watch her speech at  You can read it here (emphasis added by NC NOW).

My name is Tara Romano and I am president of North Carolina Women United.  I am proud to be working with so many women across North Carolina who know we deserve better than the  harmful and spiteful legislation we’ve see recently.


Photo Credit: NC Policy Watch

As in the 2013 session, we’re hearing a lot of talk from legislators about women’s rights and safety and the protection of families.

It was empty rhetoric then, and it’s empty rhetoric now.  Instead we’re seeing policies based on the belief that women can’t be trusted to make our own decisions.

Supporters of House Bill 465 say it protects a women’s choice.  Unless, of course, she makes what they consider to be the wrong choice and then she’s forced to wait 72 hours to make a different choice.

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Moral Monday Reunited (Apr 29) summary and next Moral Movement events

The “Moral Monday Reunited” event on April 29, 2015, marked the 2 year anniversary of the first Moral Monday protest of immoral and cruel policies coming out of the NC General Assembly in Raleigh.  Greensboro’s News and Record covered the event in “20 arrested at NC Legislature protesting GOP’s policies”.  I believe my friend, Rabbi Ari Margolis, had the perfect response to a comment in the article.  This response was part of the speech he gave onstage, completely independent of the article or the comment. At the end of the article, Todd Poole complains that the demonstrators are hiding under ‘a false cloak of morality.’  Ironic, since Moral Monday demonstrators are protesting immoral (and cruel) actions of the NCGA.


Rabbi Margolis said in his speech, “While I believe in the separation of church and state, as long as there are those passing a legislative agenda in the name of their religious ideas and beliefs, we have the obligation to stand up and let them know that they do not own a monopoly on religious thought.

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ERA Bill Being Introduced for Mother’s Day, 2015, take action!

Unequal pay for women persists even with laws on the books, pregnant women can get treated unfairly at work and civil claims of gender-based violence have been limited. ERA would make gender bias claims subject to the same high constitutional scrutiny as race bias claims receive.


Women in NC and all over the US still need ERA in 2015

Even many people today don’t realize how far women have come – and women are still not treated fairly. Women didn’t get the right to vote in NC until 1972. “Not until 1971 did the General Assembly of North Carolina endorse the Nineteenth Amendment –” And women are still paid less for doing the same work, minority women paid much much less than white women and all men

But you can help.  U.S. Senators Ben Cardin (D-Md.) and Bob Menendez (D-NJ) have introduced joint resolutions that would rejuvenate efforts to ratify an equal rights amendment (ERA) to the U.S. Constitution.  Their bill will remove the deadline for states to ratify the Equal Rights Amendment.

You can take this action – write your US Senators (Burr and Tillis) and ask them to co-sponsor these ERA bills which are being introduced with Mother’s Day, 2015.  Or at least to support the Equal Rights Amendment bills.

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2015 Pro-Choice Signature Ad Packet

NC NOW delivered copies of our pro-choice signature ad with NC NOW’s view on reproductive rights and related issues to every NC Senator and Representative in the NC House.  NC NOW does a pro-choice signature ad every year to commemorate the Roe v. Wade anniversary.  The ad runs in the Indy Weekly, and includes columns of names of pro-choice men and women in North Carolina.

Here is a picture of the 2014 pro-choice signature ad.


This year, the pro-choice signature ad packet included a folder with the following:

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HB465 protests around the state, join us!

House Bill 465 triples the wait time before a woman is allowed to have an abortion to at least 72 hours (3 full days, and it may be longer than that depending on the clinic and the woman’s schedules).  Plus, HB465 forces doctors to send ultrasounds and more to DHHS!  NC NOW posted an article about problems with an earlier version of the bill (including that it would have broken the OB-GYN program at UNC-CH).  We also posted an article about the House hearing for HB465, in which some of the ‘conservative’ men (from a certain party) couldn’t be bothered to listen to the debate on the bill.  Find that article, and some of our good Representatives’ points on the bill at  There are still many problems with it, listed here.  Some organizations are working together to plan protests across the state to bring attention to the bill and pressure Governor McCrory to veto it.  You can help by participating in any protests, and getting the word out to friends and neighbors about how bad this bill is, writing letters to your local newspapers, etc.  The schedule of protests is first, and some more detailed problems with the bill are listed second.

The current protest schedule is as follows:

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