Set your calendars NOW!

Upcoming events – summer plus

Summer of Moral Resistance rallies schedule, next one in Raleigh 5/27

Here is a link to the protests known as Moral Mondays. They are currently scheduled from Apr 29 through Jul 6. See the current list at with the dedicated Women’s Rights Moral Monday on June 10.

The Women’s Rights Rally is on Wednesday, June 10.  Plan to be there, and show the world you care about women’s rights!  Organize carpools or a bus from your area!

Third Silent Sentinels protest – TBA – The Ratify ERA bill IS STILL ALIVE!! Date: June 3.

Our next task: encouraging the Senate Rules Committee to hear the Senate Bill 184, to Ratify the Equal Rights Amendment.

Wednesday, June 10 – Women’s Rights Rally: Join us in Raleigh at 5pm for this Women’s Rights Rally.  So many attacks on women to cover!  A great way to catch up on the session, too.  What you don’t know about bills can hurt you.  How about all the people who paid more and/or tons more in taxes this year for 2014.  How about women who needed to find a job, maybe their first job, and found the Displaced Homemakers Program completely gone from the NC Council for Women (funding yanked in 2013). Do you know how many women work, but won’t get Medicaid insurance coverage (and won’t be able to afford any other insurance coverage)? Have you heard how badly our teachers are paid?  SC starting teacher pay is 10,000 more.  For all of these bad moves and more, thank the NCGA.

June 19-21 – National NOW Conference in New Orleans.  A bylaws conference, this is good for policy wonks.  Back to our regularly scheduled conferences next year, we hope.  If you love bylaws and NOW, this is definitely the conference for you.  And in such a cool place!

Monday, June 22, NCWU Annual Meeting – 4-6pm at the NC Advocates for Justice facility in Raleigh.

July 25 – NC Women Matter Conference at Bennett College, Greensboro: filmmaker dream hampton will be offering the keynote at this conference. She will be speaking on “21st century activism, new media and new narratives”. Developing a program for the day around that theme, providing advocates with tools needed to more effectively organize around our issues.

Late August – Inspiring documentary for inspiring fundraiser.  “The Vessel”

Recent events.

Hope you caught some of the 8 city tour of protests against HB465.
NOW members attended in many cities.  Past Fayetteville NOW President, and current NC NOW Treasurer Roberta Waddle spoke in Fayetteville and NC NOW President Gailya Paliga spoke in Raleigh.

Pictures and more at

April 29 Moral Monday Reunites on Wednesday – 2 year anniversary of first Moral Monday.

Picture of Robin Davis at first one, on April 29, 2013.

At the Moral Monday Reunites on April 29, 2015, NCWU president Tara Romano gave an excellent speech on women and the harmful and spiteful legislation going forward in the Legislature.  Contrasting that with what the legislature SHOULD and COULD be doinglifting women and families up.  NC National Organization for Women is a member of NC Women United.

You can watch Tara’s speech at  You can read it at that link (emphasis added by NC NOW).

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