Take Action on SB-2 – Call Your House Representative

Senate Bill 2 (SB2) gives magistrates and registrars of deeds a way to avoid performing same-sex marriages.  This bill would allow government officials to opt out of performing job duties they have sworn an oath to do.  

Governor McCrory vetoed this bill on 5/29/15.  Read about it at “McCrory Vetoes 2nd Bill In As Many Days,” at http://wwaytv3.com/2015/05/29/mccrory-vetoes-2nd-bill-in-as-many-days/

Reject SB2 Right To Discriminate

http://abc11.com/news/nc-senate-overrides-mccrory-marriage-veto/761407/.  However, the picture in the House is more complicated. 

It is critical to contact your House member RIGHT NOW and ask him or her to vote to sustain the Governor’s veto.

It takes a 3/5 of the voting majority in both houses to override a veto.  Senate Bill 2 passed the House 67-43, which barely meets the 3/5 requirement for a voting majority.  Ten members were absent or didn’t vote.  Of the ten, five are Republicans, four are Democrats, and one, Rep. Paul Tine, is unaffiliated but caucuses with the Republicans.  To override the veto with all members voting, Republicans will need to retain the votes they have and pick up five more.  Two Democrats voted for the bill, and Rep. Tine has stated that he will vote against the bill.  A vote to override in the House is a very close call.

Please contact your House member RIGHT NOW and ask him or her to vote to sustain the Governor’s veto.

To find your Representative in the NC House, go to https://northcarolinanow.wordpress.com/2015/03/01/to-take-action-contact-your-representatives-on-a-bill/

After SB-2 originally passed the Senate in February, Sen. Josh Stein said “There’s not rationale to limit discrimination to gay people.  It could open the floodgates to any [discrimination] that offends someone’s belief.”  Stein is quoted in an article at http://www.advocate.com/politics/marriage-equality/2015/02/25/north-carolina-senators-vote-give-clerks-right-discriminate.

By allowing government officials to refuse to perform one of their duties, SB-2 could block many couples seeking to be married.  It allows magistrates to opt out of providing marriages based on any number of “sincerely held religious” beliefs.

It is wrong to change the law to allow government officials to refuse to do part of their job based on religious.  I believe if a person can’t or won’t do their job, they need to find another job.

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