Apparently a 72 hour waiting period doesn’t apply to lawmakers..(HB465)

Regardless of the serious anti-abortion content of HB465, the North Carolina House voted to accept the State Senate’s changes to it on Jun 3, 2015.  As Shannah Sayers of Naral Pro-Choice North Carolina said, “apparently a 72-hour waiting period doesn’t apply to lawmakers.”

HB465 passed the Senate after many changes on Monday, June 1, and the House gave final approval to the changed bill on Wednesday, June 3.  Next it goes to Governor McCrory – who can sign it or VETO IT.  For the sake and safety of pregnant women and doctors, ASK HIM to veto it!!

You can call and/or email Governor McCrory now!  Phone 919-814-2050.  You can leave a message here.  Email him at

Problems with the bill are described in

Join NC NOW, Naral Pro-Choice NC, Planned Parenthood, Progress NC and other organizations to deliver petitions to Governor McCrory on Thursday, June 4, at 12:15pm, and remind him of his promise.  A facebook events for this is at

Pro-choice organizations did an 8 city tour to encourage Governor McCrory to stand by his word to pass no more abortion restrictions in NC.  Progress NC put together a very short clip of the No More Broken Promises Tour, which includes McCrory’s promise.

NC NOW was involved in many of them.  See photos at

Please call and/or email Governor McCrory NOW, while you’re thinking about it, and ask him to veto this bill!! 

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