Covering an invasive bill (HB465) with 2 good bills

Guess what the NC Senate did with HB465

On May 27, the NC Senate stuffed two of Senator Jeff Jackson’s no cost bills that are tough on crime into the anti-abortion bill, HB465.  They snuck major changes into ‘edition 3’ of HB465 when they added them.  However, the requirement that only obstetricians or gynecologists can perform abortion procedures, added in edition 3, has already been altered in edition 4.

The Senate changed this plan for when doctors must send women’s personal medical records to DHHS from 18 weeks of pregnancy (introduced in HB465) to 16 weeks.

These changes are in addition to the shocking content HB465 already had

  • triple the forced waiting period from 24 to 72 hours.
  • track doctors for performing abortions – although the doctor’s names should not be publicly available, they will be tracked by the state.
  • force doctors to send women’s personal medical records to the state to track (to Department of Health and Human Services, DHHS).

HB465 is moving with lightening speed.  On Monday, Jun 1, it passed the NC Senate.  On Wednesday, Jun 3, the changed bill was approved by the NC House. Now it goes to Governor McCrory to sign or Veto.  Please write or call Governor McCrory and ask him to keep his promise not to add any more abortion restrictions in NC and VETO HB465.  Governor’s phone number 919-814-2050.  Email through

Read why 2 good bills were stuffed into the anti-abortion bill HB465 at  Hint: to make it hard for people to vote against it.

-Gailya Paliga
President, NC National Organization for Women

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