Women’s Rights MM Event and sign making on Jun 10

FORWARD TOGETHER Women’s Rights Rally – June 10 at 5pm
A June 10 rally at Bicentennial Mall (across the street from the General Assembly building at 16 W. Jones St) will be devoted to women’s rights. Rally starts at 5pm.  Please come a little earlier if you can.

We will gather at the Bicentennial Mall with our signs and current plans are to go into the Legislative Building for at least part of the rally.


We should wrap up shortly after 6pm.

We can’t generally bring signs into the building with the Forward Together/Moral Monday rallies.  Your NOW shirt (or other purple shirt) is your sign 😉  I will have a few with me.  But we will have signs for the press conference before (at 4:30) and at the gathering after, if not for the whole event.

SIGN MAKING for Women’s Rights Rally – June 10 at 1pm at NC NOW office (contact president@raleighnow.org)

So many things to protest after this week of greased bills flying through.

In light of HB465, an antiabortion bill the NC Senate and House passed, and of Governor McCrory signing it, despite his campaign promise to the contrary.

More on HB465 at https://northcarolinanow.wordpress.com/2015/06/04/covering-an-invasive-bill-hb465-with-2-good-bills/  More on HB465 controversy with Governor McCrory at http://www.newsobserver.com/news/politics-government/article23028726.html

In light of SB-2, the religious discrimination bill, allowing magistrates and registrars of deeds to decide which marriages to perform (based on their own beliefs and prejudices).

Latest on SB-2 from MSNBC at “Another Religious Freedom Showdown in NC” at http://www.msnbc.com/msnbc/another-religious-freedom-showdown-brews-north-carolina

In light of insufficient funding of public education.  NC NOW attended an excellent rally in Raleigh, covered at  http://www.wral.com/nc-teachers-supporters-rally-for-higher-pay/14694864/

In light of tax changes that hurt women, low income wage earners, middle income wage earners (like teachers) and seniors.  See “Impact of NC Income Tax Overhaul Hits Taxpayers” at


  • Another Broken Campaign Promise
  • McCrory Betrays NC Women (Again)
  • NCGA Betrays NC Women
  • One Term Pat
  • Tripling the medically unnecessary waiting period unfairly impacts poor, minority and rural women
  • HB465 – Tracking Doctors
  • HB465 – personal medical records being sent to the state
  • Anti-Abortion changes worse for poor and minority women

SB-2, the Religious Discrimination Bill:

  • SB-2 License to Discriminate
  • SB-2 the Religious Discrimination Bill
  • Survey says – 51 of 54 Magistrates DON’T WANT SB-2!!

Public Education:

  • “Being underpaid is one thing, being undervalued is another” -Teacher Stacy Eleczko (at Aim Higher rally on 6/6/15)
  • “Being an educator in this state is starting to feel more like a sentence than a choice” – Teacher Stacy Eleczko (6/6/15)
  • What Carolina Comeback?  In 2008, NC is 25th in Teacher Salary Rankings
  • In 2015, NC is 42nd in Teacher Salary Rankings
  • We love Public Schools!
  • Sufficiently fund our Public Schools!
  • Get Our Public Schools Back On Track!  Raise Teacher Pay, Restore Textbook Funding, Re-Hire the 7,000 TAs
  • Dump Vouchers


  • We fight, we fight, we fight!
  • Stop the extremist social agenda
  • Get your laws off our bodies
  • Women ROAR!
  • Fired Up, and Ready To Go!
  • Make Better Choices for NC, Legislature!
  • You are in office to advance NC, not your social agenda!
  • What you don’t know about bills can hurt you!
  • NC Income Tax Overhaul Hits Seniors, Poor and Middle Class HARD!

Together, we can make a difference in NC!


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