NC NOW Member’s First Moral Monday Experience

When I was in my 20s I never got involved in anything political. Oh, I voted all right, after all that’s the least I could do, but that was essentially the extent of my standing up and being counted.

Since then my views have changed. Excuse me? Did I just say “changed”? Let me put it another way. My views were pushed off their pedestal, stomped on, and kicked to the curb. And when I got to my feet I knew I would be forever altered.

                                Photo credit: Catherine Evangelista

There are a lot of good people in our government who are trying to do the best they can to return our state to the beacon of light it was such a short time ago. Other states envied us then, but our legislators forced a dangerous shift while attempting to balance budgets that were more “what’s in it for me” than “how can I best serve this state.” The more you keep marginalizing people – the more individuals are going to stand up for what’s right. They’re going to stand up and be counted.

The Women’s Moral Monday on Wednesday on June 10, 2015 was my introduction to standing up and being counted. And like so many who experienced the heart of the rally, I knew that what was taking place, although not unique, was reaching down and pulling out my sense of right, my values, and my pride.

I heard the chants and added my voice to the chorus of attendees. With each chant the volume increased as if the participants were saying “can you hear me now!” Can you feel our determination that we are not going to be silent? Our chants contributed with the speakers and the slogans on our signs.

We’re not done yet. Not by a long shot. We need more people to attend the many protests on the many issues that affect women and all citizens in NC. Your voice, no matter how soft, when added to others will become a shout that the General Assembly and Governor will not be able to turn a deaf ear to for long. We need you.

– Rachel Goldstein, Durham

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