NC NOW’s 18th and 19th legislative updates are available for members

NC NOW’s eighteenth and nineteenth legislative updates are available for members. These are the June 13 and June 6 Legislative Updates. All updates include a list of bills that NC NOW is tracking. Here is a summary of the summary 😉

In the June 13 legislative update we talk about the House override of Governor McCrory’s veto of SB2 – you should read how it was done. You can also read about the Senate’s harmful tax changes to House Bill 117, supposed to be an economic development bill. However, the Senate gutted it in June so they could give modest gains away as tax cuts to wealthy and corporations. Robbing from the poor and middle class to give to the rich. Again.

NC Justice Center’s Tazra Mitchell wrote about HB117 in “The Senate Tax Plan would Double Down on Further Tax Cuts, Hold Back Reinvestment,” which you can read at NCJC’s Cedric Johnson wrote about it in “Senate tax plan would continue down a path to nowhere” at:

The Jun 6 legislative update tries to keep up with a crazy week in which Governor McCrory vetoed 2 bad bills – SB 2 (religious discrimination of couples who want to marry) and HB405 (an “ag-gag” bill that was expanded to all businesses and allows employers to sue whistleblowers even if exposing illegal activities).

Also this (Jun 6) week, anti-abortion bill HB465 (which had been changed by the Senate) moved like a greased pig through both chambers (Senate on Monday, Jun 1, then House on Wednesday, Jun 3). Governor McCrory promised to sign it, despite campaign promises to the contrary. McCrory did so on Friday, 6/5/15, betraying women once again. NC NOW’s President Gailya Paliga was at a press conference in front of the Legislative Building on Jun 4th with Senator Terry Van Duyn and Doctor Matthew Zerden talking about HB465 effects on women, doctors and patients. This press conference directly followed one Governor McCrory held inside. Read about it at and at  

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