NC NOW May-July 2015 Newsletter Online

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Get ready for an exciting women’s march and rally on Friday, Aug 28, in Durham in conjunction with Women’s Equality Day.  See the top of page 1.

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Read about one member’s first experience with the Forward Together movement this year – on page 3.

Find out a little about what a busy and crazy few months it’s been trying to keep up with the NC General Assembly on page 4.  What you don’t know about bills can hurt you – as many women, families and seniors found out when doing their taxes this year.

NC NOW continues vigils and protests to move the ERA bills along.  SB184 could still cross back to the House, any time during the long or short session. There are many good bills stuck in committees, and we should help them along (or at least bring attention to those keeping them as prisoners).

On the national level, Attorney General Loretta Lynch has been approved!  More groups are speaking out against TPP (page 2) and for MJIA (page 3).  And after the treatment of the teenager by a policeman in McKinney TX, black women and girls may no longer be invisible in police violence cases (page 5).


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