Call the Governor to Expand Medicaid – we need his plan!

Thursday, July 16, 2015 is the “Where’s the Plan? Day of Action for Medicaid Expansion.”  Hope that you were able to attend one of the 6 press conference on expanding Medicaid that were around the state of NC.  Now, the best thing you can do is: Call or email Governor McCrory and tell him it’s time to expand Medicaid in NC.  Be sure to send or leave a message, with your name and city.

The NC Medicaid Expansion coalition made it very easy to call –  dial 1-888-523-8974 and they’ll give you a brief suggestion of what to say and then connect you. That way your call is counted.

MedicaidRallyFelicia.KaitlynBarlowPhoto Credit: Kaitlyn Barlow

You could also call directly or email, or both.  If you email, be sure to ask for a response from the Governor. Email him through could also call him directly at 919-814-2050.

Messages you can use:

  • I want Governor McCrory to be a leader for our state by expanding Medicaid.
  • Expanding Medicaid would get insurance coverage for 500,000 more low income working people.
  • 300,000 of the 500,000 people who would get Medicaid if the plan was expanded cannot get insurance any other way right now.
  • Expanding Medicaid would help NC’s people and our economy.
  • Governor McCrory should take the lead to expand Medicaid in NC.

Expanding Medicaid would cover an estimated 500,000 more low-income working people and bring BILLIONS of dollars of federal money flowing into our state.  300,000 of these people have no other insurance options available to them.  Governor McCrory said he was waiting for Supreme Court ruling on the Affordable Care Act subsidies in King v. Burwell to be resolved to make a recommendation on expanding Medicaid. That case was decided Jun 25, 2015.  North Carolina is still waiting for the Governor to make and share the plan to expand Medicaid.

The 6 press conferences pushing Governor McCrory for his plan to expand Medicaid were on Thursday, July 16, 2016 in the following places.

  • Asheville, 12:15pm, Minnie Jones Health Center (WNCCHS), 257 Biltmore Ave; PARKING at McCormack Field, 30 Buchanan Pl
  • Charlotte, 12:15pm, Government Center, 600 E. Fourth St
  • Fayetteville, 12:15pm, Cumberland County Courthouse, 117 Dick St
  • Greensboro, 10:45am, Beloved Community Center, 417 Arlington St
  • Greenville, 10:45am, Tipsy Teapot, 409 Evans St #B
  • Raleigh, 10:45am, State Capitol, 1 E Edenton St

The picture in this post is from the press conference in Raleigh, and does not capture how many people were behind the podium.  Not to mention the 15-20 people taking pictures, only some of whom were press!

Read more about the human and monetary value of expanding Medicaid, as well as the costs of refusing to expand it.  This summary also includes data sources.

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