Stand with your local Planned Parenthood on Saturday, 8/22/15

Anti-abortion groups are trying to coordinate a nationwide protest at Planned Parenthood clinics on Saturday, August 22, 2015.  These anti-abortion groups continue their push for the state and federal government to defund PP, and we must support PP in all of the good work they do for women.  

Raleigh and Asheville counterprotest plans are included here.


The Raleigh Planned Parenthood clinic at 100 S Boylan Street is gearing up for Saturday.  Meet at the Raleigh PP on Saturday, Aug 22, at 8am to help – the protests are scheduled to start at 9am.  Also, there will be a sign-making event/escort training from 6-8pm Friday evening at the Raleigh PP.

Asheville activists are organizing a Stand with Planned Parenthood counter protest after an antiabortion group announced its intention to rally next weekend.  Meet near the clinic at the intersection of Choctow and McDowell streets at 8:30 a.m. Aug. 22

Please contact your local Planned Parenthood clinic and see if they want your support as a patient escort or counter-protester.  

Article on general movement to harass Planned Parenthood at


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