What do you know about CEDAW? How can it help you?

What do you know about CEDAW and what it can do for you and your community?

The Convention on the Elimination of all forms of Discrimination against Women, or CEDAW, is an international mechanism that outlines women’s fundamental human rights. Although President Jimmy Carter signed the treaty in 1980, the United States is one of the 7 countries along with Iran, Somalia, Sudan, South Sudan, Palau, and Tonga which has not signed CEDAW. While the federal government may not be willing to codify this convention into law, cities across the country are playing an important role in implementing CEDAW, directly impacting the everyday lives of countless American women.


We are working on spreading information and benefits of CEDAW at the local level, via a program called “Cities For CEDAW”

Louisville, Los Angeles, Berkeley, and San Francisco have embraced “Cities for CEDAW.”  When cities or towns or counties adopt ordinance reflecting CEDAW, these cities and counties have used the CEDAW framework to guide policymaking, developing a number of innovative programs and tools to decrease violence against women and to advance gender equality.

Read more at the following link.  Can also use this as a petition.  It urges Mayors and County Commissioners across North Carolina to implement the principles of CEDAW in our towns, cities, and counties.



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