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TAKE ACTION! Tell Legislators to Reject Bills that Divert Funding from Public Schools (NCJC)

URGENT ACTION! Tell Legislators to Reject Bills that Divert Funding from Public Schools, Hamper Teachers’ Ability to Educate

Two enormously destructive bills are moving very quickly through the legislature that could have devastating impacts on public education.  

HOUSE BILL 539: CHARTER SCHOOL FUNDING and something called “Achievement School Districts“replacing Senate Bill 95.

ACT NOW to protect our state’s educational future against these bills, which are likely to move in the next 48 hours.

Read more about both bills and take action at 


Today is Sep. 22, 2015, and this bill may move within 48 hours.  Here is the basic problem with links to the action and more information.  

(From the NC Justice Center, NCJC)


Congresswoman Alma Adams to deliver keynote address at NC NOW Conference, 10/10/15

For Immediate Release

Congresswoman Alma Adams to deliver keynote address at 
NC NOW Annual Conference

Contact: Gailya Paliga, President, NC NOW, 919-539-7702.  

Winston Salem, NC – Congresswoman Alma Adams will deliver the keynote address at the annual conference of the North Carolina National Organization for Women (NOW) on Saturday, October 10th, 2015. The conference will be held at Parkway United Church of Christ in Winston-Salem and will be held from 9 am to 5 pm. The conference theme is Focusing Women’s Power NOW!

“Women are pushing back and moving forward, demanding our human rights and freedom from unwanted intrusions in our privacy and pursuit of happiness,” says Gailya Paliga, president of NC NOW. “We are focusing women’s power NOW!”

Paliga explains that part of the state conference is educational, and part motivational. “It’s a time to network and get organized to focus women’s power to make changes that our state desperately needs to help women move forward.”

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Status of Women in the States, 2015 style

Wondering how women are doing in the US of A?  Read “For US Women Inequality Takes Many Forms,” published in April 2015, by Ariel Smilowitz.

According to her article,

“The Institute for Women’s Policy Research (IWPR )– in partnership with a multitude of organizations including the Ford Foundation, the Roosevelt Institute Campus Network, and the Center for American Progress — just released the 2015 edition of its project on the Status of Women in the States, with newly updated data and trend analyses on women’s economic, social and political progress in the United States.”

IWPR has released “data on U.S. women’s employment and earnings, poverty and opportunity, work and family, violence and safety, reproductive rights, health and well-being and political participation.”

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Take Action: Fight to keep sex ed medically accurate! Lawmakers go after it again.

TAKE ACTION! Fight to keep sex ed medically accurate!  Tell your Senator to vote NO on the House version of Senate Bill 279!

The bill is on the Senate calendar for Monday evening (Sep. 21, 2015).

The week of Sep. 14, a House committee passed a committee substitute for SB279, a bill that in its original form dealt only with licensing requirements for counseling.  The committee substitute, passed on September 15, rewrote the licensing requirements and added (1) a requirement to teach about sex trafficking in middle school health and safety programs and (2) struck language that required materials used in sex ed programs be accepted by “experts in the field of sexual health education” and substituted the vague term “experts”  

Opponents to the change, like NC NOW, believe that its purpose is to allow faith-based sex education in public schools. 

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We Make America Great Walk – Charlotte to Raleigh – Nov 2015

We Make America Great Walk – Nov 8 – Nov 20, 2015
(In English first, then Spanish)

This event is called the “We Make America Great Walk.” As you may know, Donald Trump has been saying many negative things about immigrants. His campaign slogan is “Making America Great”. We refuse to let him own a positive message to promote negativity.  So, we have co-opted his message to show that immigrants make America great.

Join the “We Make America Great” Walk! Walk in support of working families!


The walk will start at Marshall Park in Charlotte, on Sunday, November 8, and end in Raleigh on Friday, November 20th, 2015.  The approximate distance is 167 miles.

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NCGA claimed a budget agreement – wouldn’t tell us about it

Sep. 12 – NC NOW Legislative Update #30

Why legislators want to insert policy changes into the budget
A budget agreement has been reached!  But we won’t know the details until Monday (15 September).  House and Senate negotiators reached an impasse, and Senator Berger and Speaker Moore worked together behind closed doors to reach the final deal.  House rules require that the budget be publicly available for 72 hours before a vote.  The plan is to allow budget committee members and party caucuses to review the budget over the weekend, release it to the public some time on Monday, and hold a vote by the end of next week to meet the third extension deadline of September 18.  More in “NC legislators reach budget deal but aren’t releasing details” at

Whatever has been negotiated is the final deal—the budget can only be voted up or down by the members and cannot be amended on the floor (now you understand why legislators want to insert policy changes into the budget).   It is highly unlikely that any Republican members will vote against the budget.


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Time To Guarantee Women’s Full Equality in NC and across the US!

Triad NOW President Audrey Muck spoke on the need for ERA to guarantee women’s full equality in NC at the Women’s Equality Through Time march and rally.  

Excerpt: “But the right to vote is the ONLY specific right women are guaranteed under the Constitution of the United States of America. The Constitution still does not fully acknowledge that WE were created equal too. We remain an unprotected class of citizen. And as we’re seeing, it’s dangerous to be excluded from your own Constitution. With every passing day, the extremism of our legislature and Governor – not to mention presidential candidates – demonstrates why.”

Muck’s speech had input from Marena Groll of NC4ERA, and can be found at AudreyMuck.Women’s Equality Day Speech.


Triad NOW President Audrey Muck  Photo Credit: Phil Fonville

Muck was one of the speakers on the courthouse steps before the march in great company with Beth Dehghan of WomenNC, Michelle Laws of the NC-NAACP, and Margarida Jorge of the Women’s Equality Center in Washington DC.

See the event program at wemr 2015

Don’t accept anything less than Equality and Justice for all!

Keynote Speaker Secretary of State Elaine Marshall inspires with speech at WEMR on 8/28/15

We had the occasion of Women’s Equality Day to celebrate women’s progress and talking about what women still need.  Who better to keynote this event than Secretary of State Elaine Marshall, the first woman elected to a statewide executive office in North Carolina history.  

We have the whole SOS Elaine Marshall keynote speech including comments on Susan B. Anthony, NC’s own Lillian Exum Clement and Secretary Marshall herself.

SoSElaineMarshallPhoto Credit: Phil Fonville
Secretary of State Elaine Marshall speaking on the main stage


Secretary Marshall said she had a “double whammy” as a rural woman.

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