Time To Guarantee Women’s Full Equality in NC and across the US!

Triad NOW President Audrey Muck spoke on the need for ERA to guarantee women’s full equality in NC at the Women’s Equality Through Time march and rally.  

Excerpt: “But the right to vote is the ONLY specific right women are guaranteed under the Constitution of the United States of America. The Constitution still does not fully acknowledge that WE were created equal too. We remain an unprotected class of citizen. And as we’re seeing, it’s dangerous to be excluded from your own Constitution. With every passing day, the extremism of our legislature and Governor – not to mention presidential candidates – demonstrates why.”

Muck’s speech had input from Marena Groll of NC4ERA, and can be found at AudreyMuck.Women’s Equality Day Speech.


Triad NOW President Audrey Muck  Photo Credit: Phil Fonville

Muck was one of the speakers on the courthouse steps before the march in great company with Beth Dehghan of WomenNC, Michelle Laws of the NC-NAACP, and Margarida Jorge of the Women’s Equality Center in Washington DC.

See the event program at wemr 2015 program.final.28aug15.


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