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Governor McCrory signs bill targeting immigrants and poor people

Governor McCrory signed the anti-immigrant House Bill 318 on 10/28/15.  I wonder if he ever took the time to find out why this bill is callous and cruel.  He didn’t speak with the many organizations and people who have been rallying to get his attention across the street from the Governor’s Mansion for 4 weeks.  
hb318_crowd_cantseechildrenongrass.ggp Photo Credit: Gailya Paliga
The anti-immigration parts take effect immediately, so a lot of police departments are going to be scrambling to understand what the bill does right now.  Taking away food stamps from certain vulnerable populations takes effect next July.  
Because this bill is expected to cause so many problems, NC Justice Center announced a #HB318 hotline to receive information about implementation problems with the new law: (919) 526-0676. 
More on this bill in the following places, among others.

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Important events this week – Die In on 10/28/15, McCrory protest on 10/29/15

Quick note on events this week.

10/28/15, 4pm –Die In” and funeral procession and press conference to call attention to the 2,800 people who may die each year that NC refuses to expand Medicaid.

Press conference begins at 4:00 pm at the NC Capitol Building, 1 Edenton St, in Raleigh, about the fallout from refusing to expand Medicaid, including consequences for women’s health.

The die-in begins at the Capitol at 4:30 p.m., followed by a funeral procession to the Governor’s Mansion, 200 N. Blount St, where there will be a candlelight vigil to memorialize those thousands of people who die each year because they can’t access health care. Expanding Medicaid in North Carolina would save up to 2,800 lives a year.

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10/29/15, 3pm – Stop 318/Stop the Hate!

Protest against HB318, which targets immigrants and poor people. This one will be bigger and better.  3:00pm at the Governor’s Mansion, 200 N. Blount St, Raleigh.  Many in the immigrant and anti-poverty community have been protesting daily for FOUR WEEKS.  McCrory is expected to sign this cruel bill this week.

NC NOW’s president Gailya Paliga will be one of the speakers against HB318.

Terrible bill targeting immigrants and the poor – daily protests need our support

Almost all of us are immigrants, some of our families coming more recently than others.  Three out of four of my grandparents were not born here. I grew up on stories of family facing terrible treatment and hardship in their original and other countries and coming over on ships.  Many of the people who stayed behind were killed.  So I have a lot of sympathy and understanding for others who have come to the US for a better, safer life.

NC’s legislature passed a bill targeting immigrants and poor people and vulnerable populations.  I had read some about House Bill 318 which was made worse first by NC’s Senate and then by NC’s House and is now waiting for the Governor to sign.  Immigrant rights groups and anti-poverty groups like El Pueblo have organized daily protests across from the Governor’s mansion. 


Crowd protesting HB318 at Govr’s Mansion – 10/22/15 Photo credit: Gailya Paliga

These protests have been going on for a few weeks already.  You should know 3 things about the protests

  1. the protesters could use more allies so please join them if you can
  2. people at the Governor’s mansion sent police officers over to intimidate the protesters 4 times on 10/21/15, and will probably send some again on Sat., 10/24/15
  3. the group could use speakers and participation from other concerned organizations. 

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March route available for ‘We Make America Great’ march

Here is the route for the march (thanks to Action NC).  Join any day or days you can.  On Nov 20th, we’re going to see the Governor in Raleigh, so please join us that day if you’re available.  Links to more information are at the end of the post.

Day 1 (Nov 8):
– Pt 1:
– Pt 2:


Day 2 (Nov 9):

Day 3 (Nov 10):

Day 4 (Nov 11):

Day 5 (Nov 12):
– Pt 1:
– Pt 2:

Day 6 (Nov 15):

Day 7 (Nov 16):

Day 8 (Nov 17):

Day 9 (Nov 20):

Read about the “We Make America Great” march at

Follow it on facebook at

National issues affecting women to consider..

Articles on national issues affecting women to consider.  What do you know about the Hyde Amendment?  You must realize the need for “paid sick leave.” Ever consider the need for “paid safe time”?  Have you heard about the Alabama Judge trying to be the next Kim Davis?  Think about the Supreme Court ruling which opened the door for them – Hobby Lobby.  And more right here.

To Fight Inequality, Support Women’s Work

“Income inequality has been rising in nearly all advanced countries since the 1980s, but the increase in women’s earnings has helped slow its growth. That means work-family policies that help keep women in the workforce—including paid family leave, paid sick days, and access to affordable child care—are some of the most promising and underused policy tools for fighting inequality, both in the present and in the future.”

More on policies that work at “To Fight Inequality, Support Women’s Work” from The Center for American Progress.             


When we talk about paid sick, family and medical leave please include “paid safe time.” 

“Domestic violence permeates our workplaces. About one in five full-time workers in America have experienced some form of domestic violence. Of those, 96 percent of victims had the crime spill over into work. Contrary to popular belief, domestic violence is not a private crime, and some workers have trouble addressing its aftermath because of the way workplaces are structured. Supportive employers and thoughtful public policy — such as paid safe time — can help these workers meet their needs.”

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NC NOW Conference focuses feminists power!

NC NOW had an exciting state conference on Oct 10, 2015.  We hold these annual conferences for a few reasons.  State conferences are where we elect our state officers, but also, where NOW members and other feminists gather to get organized and motivated to do the work that we do.  That is work that we love to do!

Our theme, “Focusing Women’s Power NOW!” is a call to action!  Also a reminder that our actions do make a difference. We are focusing women’s power by doing education on issues + taking action = social change.  Our planned morning session included panels on progress and issues on 6 topics – racism, economic security, reproductive rights, Violence Against Women, LGBTTQQIIA, and ERA.  Our afternoon session included workshops on working with the media, helping good people get elected, and planning actions.  See the agenda, biographies and more in the NC_NOW_program_2015.

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Take Action: Tell our Labor Commissioner to DO HER JOB!

Did you see the great investigative series in the News and Observer about the NC Dept of Labor NOT DOING ITS JOB??? Companies are making millions and refusing to pay their employees for the employees work in too many cases. And the NC Dept of Labor is doing almost nothing to fix this – even though THEY HAVE THE POWER.


We can pressure them to fix that.  Take action now! Tell Cherie Berry: “Don’t let companies steal from their employees!” Tell her to DO HER JOB! This action makes it easy for you to send a letter asking NC Labor Commissioner Cherie Berry to uphold the law and make companies pay their workers!

Just the number from 2014 are shocking, as stated in the News and Observer article, “At NC Department of Labor, little help for unpaid workers.”

Wages investigators found $2.1 million to be owed to 1,521 North Carolina workers in fiscal year 2014.

Roughly 40 percent of the 1,521 workers didn’t get the help they requested. The NC Department of Labor investigators did not collect the $1 million for 617 of the 1,521 workers just in 2014.

See more in the News and Observer article – first in series – at

NCGA waging wars on women, immigrants, the poor, and on non-partisanship! 9/25/15

NC NOW’s Legislative Update #32 Summary – Sep. 25, 2015

NCGA waging wars on women, immigrants, the poor, and on non-partisanship! 
This week’s legislative update is focused on progress in the various wars our legislature has been waging on the citizens of North Carolina. There have been developments in the War on Women, the War on Immigrants and the Poor, and the War on Non-Partisanship.  The only good news to report is that the legislature is expected to adjourn next week. But adjournment probably will not mean that the bad proposals that did not pass before adjournment will die. They can be kept alive by assigning them to study committees. Bills based on the recommendations of study committees can be considered in a short session—the tactic that was used to bring up the Equal Rights Amendment in 1982 to circumvent a “gentleman’s agreement” that it would not be considered in that short session.

is it over yet dog

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