Governor McCrory signs bill targeting immigrants and poor people

Governor McCrory signed the anti-immigrant House Bill 318 on 10/28/15.  I wonder if he ever took the time to find out why this bill is callous and cruel.  He didn’t speak with the many organizations and people who have been rallying to get his attention across the street from the Governor’s Mansion for 4 weeks.  
hb318_crowd_cantseechildrenongrass.ggp Photo Credit: Gailya Paliga
The anti-immigration parts take effect immediately, so a lot of police departments are going to be scrambling to understand what the bill does right now.  Taking away food stamps from certain vulnerable populations takes effect next July.  
Because this bill is expected to cause so many problems, NC Justice Center announced a #HB318 hotline to receive information about implementation problems with the new law: (919) 526-0676. 
More on this bill in the following places, among others.

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There is more on the part of the bill taking food stamps away from poor people, like veterans, part-time workers, homeless and those looking for work, at

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