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Why ACA/Obamacare Premiums Are Rising Faster in NC 

You may have seen the articles on how high the ACA/Obamacare premiums are going for 2016 in  NC.  There were articles written when the insurance companies asked for higher rates, like “Blue Cross Seeks 34% Rate Hike in NC for ACA Plans,” 8/13/15,  and now that the insurance companies were granted higher rates, there are more, like “ACA premiums in NC to rise sharply in 2016” from the News and Observer, 10/30/15. It says in part,
“The Affordable Care Act’s third year in North Carolina will result in significantly higher rate hikes for 2016 than customers saw in January 2015, when Blue Cross went up 13.5 percent and Aetna 2.9 percent. Strictly in terms of percentage, North Carolina’s increases are among the highest in the nation.”
Charlotte’s NPR station (WPAE) covered this problem as well in “Why Obamacare Premiums In NC Are Rising Faster Than Most States,” 11/5/15, 

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Sign up for ACA and get free support for a year!

Sign up for ACA here and get free support for a year!
A number of my friends, and of NOW members, only have insurance thanks to the Affordable Care Act/Obamacare, both from the perspective of removing pre-existing conditions as an excuse not to insure and giving good rates and subsidies for coverage.
open enrollment
Certainly North Carolina has done what they can to make ACA more unattractive this year – specifically raising premiums for 2016 – more on that in the next section. BUT THERE IS GOOD NEWS!  If you sign up through Working America/NOW you have access to free advice from licensed professionals to find a health plan that fits you, and more than that, you get a whole year of free support with health care as well!

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See “The Hunting Ground” for Free on TV! 11/22/15, 8pm

On Sunday, Nov 22, at 8pm, CNN will broadcast “The Hunting Ground,” a documentary on rape at universities all over the country. One of the schools “featured” is UNC-Chapel Hill.  Parents, grandparents and students need to see it!  Really, everyone should see this.  Let’s expose this problem, face it and fix it!


See “The Hunting Ground” for free on TV on Sunday Nov 22, at 8pm!

You can read more about this problem and this film at

Here’s the official synopsis for The Hunting Ground:

“From the makers of The Invisible War (2012) comes a startling exposé of rape crimes on U.S. college campuses, their institutional cover-ups and the devastating toll they take on students and their families. Weaving together verité footage and first-person testimonies, the film follows the lives of several undergraduate assault survivors as they attempt to pursue – despite incredible push back, harassment, and traumatic aftermath – both their education and justice.”

This is a good film to see with others so you can talk about it afterward.  If you want to find a screening party near you, check

If you want to host your own screening party, sign up at

Or watch at home.  You can always blog about it later 😉


False videos against PP inspire violence around the country – take action

Since July of 2015, there have been FIVE violent attacks and arson attacks at Planned Parenthood clinics. Sounds organized, doesn’t it? Naral Pro-Choice America wants these attacks on abortion clinics investigated as DOMESTIC TERRORISM.

According to the article on the attacks, here are 4 instances with links to stories about the attacks

  • “in July, employees at a clinic in the Chicago suburb of Aurora, Illinois, reported an attempted arson.”
  • “in August, firefighters found half a burning car at the construction site of a future clinic in New Orleans.”
  • “on Sept. 4, a clinic in Pullman, Washington, was set ablaze at 3:30 a.m.”
  • “on Sept. 30, someone broke a window at a Thousand Oaks, California, clinic and threw a makeshift bomb inside.”

But did you even hear about these?  Where is the coverage from the mainstream media?  Why isn’t the Department of Justice involved yet?

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Suffragette – what an inspiring, heart wrenching story!

Despite miserable weather on Nov 9, 2015, hundreds went to the Suffragette screening at NCSU in Raleigh.  The movie revolves round a young woman swept up in the campaign for the right for women to vote in Britain in the early 1900s.  Suffragette is a 2015 British historical period drama directed by Sarah Gavron and written by Abi Morgan.

What an inspiring and heart-wrenching movie it is!  I had known more about women’s struggle for the right to vote in America.  This movie showed the women’s struggle in England which went down a similar path – escalation brought attention and change.  It also showed how difficult life was for women – the star was working in a laundry factory – and how unfairly they were treated and paid. Suffragette is still completely relevant today as women continue to struggle against unfair treatment and pay. 

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Thank a feminist if..


  now.logoIf you are female and …

  • you can vote, thank a feminist.
  • you get paid as much as men doing the same job, thank a feminist.
  • you went to college instead of being expected to quit after high school so your brothers could go because “You’ll just get married anyway,” thank a feminist.
  • you can apply for any job, not just “women’s work,” thank a feminist.
  • you can get or give birth control information without going to jail, thank a feminist.
  • your doctor, lawyer, pastor, judge or legislator is a woman, thank a feminist.
  • you play an organized sport, thank a feminist.
  • you can wear slacks without being excommunicated from your church or run out of town, thank a feminist.
  • your boss isn’t allowed to pressure you to sleep with him, thank a feminist.

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