Suffragette – what an inspiring, heart wrenching story!

Despite miserable weather on Nov 9, 2015, hundreds went to the Suffragette screening at NCSU in Raleigh.  The movie revolves round a young woman swept up in the campaign for the right for women to vote in Britain in the early 1900s.  Suffragette is a 2015 British historical period drama directed by Sarah Gavron and written by Abi Morgan.

What an inspiring and heart-wrenching movie it is!  I had known more about women’s struggle for the right to vote in America.  This movie showed the women’s struggle in England which went down a similar path – escalation brought attention and change.  It also showed how difficult life was for women – the star was working in a laundry factory – and how unfairly they were treated and paid. Suffragette is still completely relevant today as women continue to struggle against unfair treatment and pay. 

suffragettes stars
Picture from Suffragette movie.  Here are some of the stars – Carey Mulligan in the middle, flanked by Helena Bonham Carter and Meryl Streep.

One of the main points is that the Suffragette movement grew out of frustration. “After years of campaigning peacefully and unsuccessfully for women’s right to vote, some militants moved to direct action.”  Because peaceful wasn’t working.

NC NOW was able to table at the screening.   Members brought information on the Equal Rights Amendment that women need for further protection and fairness under the law. See one great article on what ERA would do for us at Why We Need the ERA

Since the audience was mostly university students, we also brought something on what feminism has done for women and girls in the last 40 years.  A copy of that is at Thank A Feminist If.  

We also brought information on NC4ERA, a project of NC NOW, including the 2 ERA bills that were introduced in North Carolina’s General Assembly in 2015. See it at NC4ERA Brochure 2015.

There is another interesting cultural reference in the article Carey Mulligan portrays a Suffragette who never met Mary Poppins at

“Mulligan laughed a little when reminded that the only point of reference many people have to the Suffragette movement is the comic song “Sister Suffragette” from the Disney film “Mary Poppins.” “

Is the history of Suffragette news to you too?  It was hard to finance this film because the history is unknown to many or most!  Revisit that song at

Suffragette is available in theaters around the country NOW!  Go see it and be shocked and inspired!


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