Sign up for ACA and get free support for a year!

Sign up for ACA here and get free support for a year!
A number of my friends, and of NOW members, only have insurance thanks to the Affordable Care Act/Obamacare, both from the perspective of removing pre-existing conditions as an excuse not to insure and giving good rates and subsidies for coverage.
open enrollment
Certainly North Carolina has done what they can to make ACA more unattractive this year – specifically raising premiums for 2016 – more on that in the next section. BUT THERE IS GOOD NEWS!  If you sign up through Working America/NOW you have access to free advice from licensed professionals to find a health plan that fits you, and more than that, you get a whole year of free support with health care as well!

Open enrollment in 2015 began on Sunday, Nov 1, and many people
need to choose a new plan since insurance companies cancelled or greatly increased premiums on their current plans. The open enrollment period gives you the opportunity to consider other plans that might suit your current health and/or financial situation better. The Working America Health Care program not only helps you decide the best insurance plan for you, but also provides a personal health advocate for you, to help you choose a provider within your plan and sort through the billing process. For 12 months!
The Working America Health Care program provides personalized, unbiased support before, during, and even after plan enrollment. You can enroll online, or talk to a licensed agent who can recommend the best plan for you and your family by calling 1-888-370-7225.
Now on to the other side of ACA in NC in 2016 – plans cancelled, premiums raised – read “Why ACA/Obamacare Premiums Are Rising Faster in NC.”

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