Why ACA/Obamacare Premiums Are Rising Faster in NC 

You may have seen the articles on how high the ACA/Obamacare premiums are going for 2016 in  NC.  There were articles written when the insurance companies asked for higher rates, like “Blue Cross Seeks 34% Rate Hike in NC for ACA Plans,” 8/13/15,  and now that the insurance companies were granted higher rates, there are more, like “ACA premiums in NC to rise sharply in 2016” from the News and Observer, 10/30/15. It says in part,
“The Affordable Care Act’s third year in North Carolina will result in significantly higher rate hikes for 2016 than customers saw in January 2015, when Blue Cross went up 13.5 percent and Aetna 2.9 percent. Strictly in terms of percentage, North Carolina’s increases are among the highest in the nation.”
Charlotte’s NPR station (WPAE) covered this problem as well in “Why Obamacare Premiums In NC Are Rising Faster Than Most States,” 11/5/15, 

“On the Obamacare exchanges, there are large disparities in how health insurance premiums are changing next year based on where you live. While coverage is getting cheaper in states like Indiana and Mississippi, in North Carolina, it’s becoming much more expensive. Federal data show that North Carolina’s average premium increase is among the highest in the country.”That article includes theories on why rates are so high in NC.  NC’s Insurance Commissioner Wayne Goodwin blames the high rates on choices NC made, like refusing to let NC attract more insurance companies for competition.

NC Policy Watch wrote “Numbers you should know about Obamacare in NC,” 12/10/14, showing the very encouraging, numbers-driven fact sheet released by health policy experts at the Washington, DC-based Center for American Progress on the success of ACA in NC. 
The New York Times article, “Obama’s Health Law: Who Was Helped Most,” 10/29/14, shows not only which groups have benefited the most, but where they live, across the country. There is also a map of who remains uninsured, mostly those of us in the Southeastern US.  

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