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NC’s anti-choice changes in 2015

The NC Legislature introduced and the Governor signed into law three bills interfering with choice – one interfering with safe and legal abortion, one pulling funds from Planned Parenthood, and one interfering with sex education in our schools – House Bill 465 (HB465), House Bill 297 (HB297) and Senate Bill 279 (SB279). One started bad (HB465), and one started as a good bill, but the good was gutted and bad was introduced (HB297) and the third (SB279) started as a stub. Here’s a bit of their stories.


House Bill 465 was discussed in many articles on the NC NOW site because of how outrageously bad it was.  The bill title changed, but started out as “72 Hours Informed Consent by Person or Phone” because the bill triples the abortion waiting period.  A 24 hour waiting period was imposed in NC in 2011 as part of the omnibus anti-abortion bill called “Women’s Right To Know Act.” HB465 imposed new restrictions on abortions including tracking doctors, but in earlier versions it was worse.

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Documentary recommendations

Excellent documentaries to consider watching – alone or with a group.  A few local NC NOW chapters plan to show “The Vessel” as the annual Roe Event on Jan. 28, 2016.  CNN just showed “The Hunting Ground” nationally in the third week of November of last year.  Raleigh NOW screened Generation M: Misogyny in Media and Culture in 2012. 


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Pro-Choice Signature Ad ready for “Giving Tuesday”

Hi all,

Please consider NC NOW for “giving Tuesday.”  NC NOW has been working for women in NC for 4 decades!  We are highlighting the situation with attacks on abortion clinics in general, and the 6 attacks on Planned Parenthood clinics since those doctored videos started being released last July.  The latest attack included murder – 2 women of color and a policeman.  More at “Abortion Clinic Attacks Are Domestic Terrorism” 

Your NOW chapters also have escorted at abortion clinics through the years, trying to keep patients safe.  

Read more about the state of choice in NC, and stand up for women and safe and legal abortions in our 2016 signature ad appeal letter at

Read more about the pro-choice signature ad and what we do with it here.

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-Gailya Paliga
 President, NC National Organization for Women

Abortion Clinic Attacks Are Domestic Terrorism

Three people were killed and 9 were wounded during a 5 hour gun battle at a Planned Parenthood Clinic in Colorado Springs on the day after Thanksgiving (11/27/15).  There were reports that the gunman had uttered “no more baby parts” during his arrest.  This is the 6th major attack on Planned Parenthood clinics since July 2015, following the release of a series of heavily edited videos from groups trying to set up Planned Parenthood, and using actors.  The 6 attacks have been reported on individually, but the trend of these attacks has been mostly ignored by the mainstream media, and by law enforcement at a national level.  

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