Great review of Vessel – see it yourself 1/28/16 in CH

Found a great review of Vessel (the Film), which we are screening in Chapel Hill on Thursday, Jan 28, 2016.  It’s a true inspiration as to what one person can do! Vessel reviewer Genevieve Koski at writes

“[D]irector Diana Whitten compresses a decade-long story into a sleek, swift 87-minute package that telegraphs the unique, turbulent history of Women On Waves. Gomperts founded Women On Waves after seeing the toll unsafe abortions have on women in countries that outlaw the procedure.”


“According to the film’s statistics, around 47,000 women die every year from unsafe abortions.”  

“The riveting Vessel is an advocacy documentary in several senses of the term. At its most basic, surface level, it’s advocating for the legalization of safe, medical abortions for women worldwide, via the mission of the organization on which it centers, Women On Waves. In another sense, it is a profile of a single advocate, Dutch physician Rebecca Gomperts, a former Greenpeace ship’s doctor who founded Women On Waves in 1999 with the hope of providing safe medical abortions to women in countries where the procedure is illegal.”

“And on a much deeper, perhaps even unintentional level, it is a documentary about the nature of advocacy, about how those who fight for a cause must strategize, organize, and improvise in order to succeed in the face of those who would silence them and those they seek to help.”

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