She Wins, We Win event press advisory – 3/2/16

This Women for Hillary event is part of the “She Wins, We Win” campaign.  Ellie Smeal (Ms. Magazine and Feminist Majority), and Terry O’Neill (NOW) are coming to Raleigh for a rally and press conference on Thursday, Mar 3, at 11am at the Legislative Building. We have some really great speakers from North Carolina as well!

The forwarded press release includes the press conference speakers only.  The press conference will be followed by a rally in the Auditorium!

Our great speakers from around the state include Rev. Michelle Cotton Laws, Mandy Carter, fiery teenager Madison Kimrey, a mother/daughter team (11 year old daughter), individuals, and leaders of various women’s organizations. We are speaking on topics that are very important to women, like equal pay, education, LGBT issues, immigration, and reproductive justice.  Please join us!

MadisonKimreyatWeAreWomen.samuelwarde                                   Madison Kimrey speaking at rally in DC in 2015

We’re all working for a better future for North Carolina and for America!


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