Rocking She Wins We Win Events – See Pix

We had a rocking press conference and pep rally at the Legislative Building in Raleigh on Thursday, Mar 3, 2016.  Ellie Smeal, President of Feminist Majority, and Terry O’Neill, President of NOW, joined NC women’s rights leaders, and student leaders to share why Hillary Clinton has helped our main issues or inspired us individually.

We included leaders and advocates for access to reproductive health care, civil rights, LGBTQ issues, equal access to education, and more.  We agreed that Hillary’s campaign is the first presidential campaign in history to prioritize feminist issues, and to champion the fact that we cannot close the income gap and build a more robust economy without dealing with injustice based on sex, race, gender identity, ethnicity, and homophobia.
UNC-CH students speaking
Photo Credit: Sen. McKissick’s Office

The 3 part event included a press conference, a rally, and then a more intimate discussion with Ellie Smeal and Terry O’Neill.  

We had the press conference in the press room at the Legislative Building.  The line up was as follows.

Gailya Paliga, NC NOW President, Welcome and Emcee
Rep. Carla Cunningham, NC District 106
Sen. Floyd McKissick, Jr., NC District 20
Mandy Carter, former Secretary of the DNC Lesbian and Gay Caucus
Melissa Reed, Planned Parenthood Votes! South Atlantic
Madison Kimrey, youth activist
UNC-CH student activists
Ellie Smeal, Feminist Majority President
Terry O’Neill, NOW President

Madison Kimrey and Ellie Smeal at She Wins We Win Press Conference
Photo Credit: MC Kimrey

All of the speeches were excellent and some were exceptional!!  Fiery teenager Madison Kimrey’s speech, for example.  And Ellie Smeal had the whole room bursting into applause!

Enjoy Madison’s speech is at  Rep. Carla Cunningham’s speech is at

(On right) Ellie Smeal thanking Mandy Carter

Photo Credit: Sen. McKissick’s office


(Above Left) NC NOW President Gailya Paliga starting the press conference. 

Photo Credit: Yevonne Brannon
(Above Right) NC4ERA Marena Groll and Senator Floyd McKissick relax.
Photo Credit: Senator Floyd McKissick’s office

A group of students came from UNC-CH on a bus to speak and participate. The group included a reporter from UNC-CH’s Daily Tar Heel, who covered the event in “Clinton Supporters Rally in Raleigh“. 

After the press conference, we moved to the auditorium, where we continued with speakers for another 45 minutes! Speakers included Beth Dehghan (immigration/global perspective), Melissa Rollizo (pulling all women in), Pat Orrange (equal pay), Pat Sledge (perspective of legislative issues), Shana Broders (her stories). Melisssa Rollizo led us in chants which just made it more fun!

Melissa Rollizo Chants.ybrannon
Melissa Rollizo led chants and did a great speech!

(On the right) Shana Broders talked about being harassed at her work and home communities by anti-abortion protesters.  And how her NC community rallied around her.

(Above) Pat Orrange concentrated on Equal Pay (Unequal Pay, actually)
Pat Sledge from Business and Professional Women spoke too, as long time supporter of ERA.

Then we continued in a third space. There was so much to say and discuss!  

Thanks to  Rep. Carla Cunningham and Sen. Floyd B. McKissick Jr. for their tireless work for women, for sponsoring the event and for speaking at the press conference.

Special thanks to Mandy Carter, Pat Orrange, Madison Epicness Kimrey, Marena Groll, Beth Dehghan, Melissa Reed and others for enthusiasm and other kinds of helpful actions.

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