Fayetteville NOW and Quaker House Win Community Award for Work Against Racism

RWandLynnNewsom.FayNowQuakerHouseAward                                               Photo Credit: Frank Maness

Roberta Waddle from Fayetteville NOW/NC NOW and Lynn Newsom from Fayetteville’s Quaker House pictured with Ron McElrath and members of the Human Relations Commission at the Human Relations Awards “Recognition and Scholarship Banquet” on Mar 31, 2016. Quaker House and Fayetteville NOW received the Ronald McElrath Commission/Organization Award for their work on racial justice and working against violence.

Read about the event and the award at “Community Recognition Awards: Recognizing those improving quality of life in Cumberland County

Fayetteville NOW and Quaker House’s next series of the 3 part “Cracking The Codes – a Search for Racial Justice” series begins 4/4/16, with one in April, one in May and one in June.  You can go to individual sessions, you do not need to attend all 3.  Each session includes a section of video, and discussion with facilitators.

More on the “Cracking the Code” series was posted on 2/27/16 at Fayetteville NOW hosts another round of “Cracking the Code” .


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