#DoYourJob Senators Burr and Tillis!

NC’s US Senators Burr and Tillis are refusing to do their job – both are blocking President Obama’s US Supreme Court (SCOTUS) nominee – Merrick Garland. And Garland is not the first nominee they have blocked. Both Burr and Tillis blocked NC native Loretta Lynch when she was nominated for US Attorney General.

US Senate’s job of advice and consent Under the Constitution, presidential nominations for executive and judicial posts take effect only when confirmed by the Senate. Their job is to make sure the nominee is qualified, and if so, vote yes


It is this job that Burr and Tillis are refusing to do.

Burr has actually blocked 3 black women from federal positions since 2013. Burr vowed to block one of NC’s own extremely well qualified former (NC) Supreme Court Justices for an NC federal court seat – Patricia Timmons-Goodsen. NC’s retired Supreme Court Justice Patricia Timmons-Goodson was nominated on 4/28/16  to fill a longtime vacancy on the federal court bench in Eastern North Carolina. Burr vowed to block her the same day! See “Burr vows to block Obama nomination to NC federal court seat,” 4/28/16.

Backstory on this position. This federal judicial position has been vacant for 10 years. Since 2013, Senator Burr is the one who blocked the nomination process. The first minority woman Burr blocked for this position is one that HE HIMSELF HAD RECOMMENDED in 2009.

More on Burr stonewalling a judge that he recommended at “Burr holding up confirmation process on judge he recommended,” 10/16/14.

According to PoliticsNC’s article about Burr’s latest promise to block well qualified candidates, “Do Your Job 2,” 4/29/16,
“Richard Burr told us he’s not going to do his job and he’s going to continue to leave the federal courts in North Carolina short-handed.”

“If Burr were smart, he would schedule hearings.” 

“Instead, Burr is now on record blocking nominees. He’s not only making Congress appear to be skirting its responsibilities, he’s hamstringing the court system, too. For people concerned that government is broken, Burr and the Senate are just confirming their fears.”

Burr and Tillis must Do Their Jobs!  Or be replaced by people who will!


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