NC NOW Legislative Update #3 for 2016 Short Session

More on HB 2, including bills to repeal it. 

“The battle over the law known as HB2 has escalated significantly.  Governor McCrory responded to a letter from the Justice Department informing that this law violates federal civil rights statutes by filing a suit against the Justice Department asking that a federal court rule on the constitutionality of our state law.  For an in-depth examination of McCrory’s chance of winning this case (slim to none), see:  Legislative leaders Phil Berger and Tim Moore filed a separate suit.  It should be noted that the Governor and the legislative leaders are the ones filing these lawsuits because Attorney General Roy Cooper stated that he would not defend a law that he believes is unconstitutional.  The Justice Department responded by filing a counter-suit asking the court to suspend the law while its constitutionality is being determined.  This article contains links to the text of all three complaints and summarizes the background and issues at stake:

See the whole North_Carolina_NOW_Legislative_Update_3.14_May_2016.

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