The State of Discrimination: the Impact of HB2 and HB318

The State of Discrimination: The impact of HB2/HB318

About more than bathrooms, these bills also effect wages, employment and immigration. Fayetteville NOW is cosponsoring this excellent program featuring Rick Glazier, Executive Director of the NC Justice Center (NCJC), and Jimmy Buxton, Fayetteville NAACP Branch President.  


People all over the country have heard of HB 2, filed by the NC House, ratified by House and Senate, and signed by Governor McCrory in less than 12 hours during a ‘special session’ on 3/23/16.  Misleadingly titled the Public Facilities Privacy & Security Act , the interference with local ordinances on bathrooms (and targetting an already extremely vulnerable population) is only a small part of the damage it has done.  2015 bill HB318 targets immigrants and poor people and veterans.

HB 2 has been a disaster for North Carolina. The state is already suffering the loss of hundreds of millions of dollars in economic investments in our state and potentially billions in federal support to the state’s K-12 schools, colleges and universities. Yet, the law goes way beyond bathrooms and targeting a group of citizens. It removes core worker anti-discrimination protections that state law has provided to workers since the 1970s. It also targets women, whether intentional or not.  Take a look at NC NOW’s article on how disastrous HB 2 is for women.

HB318 is misleadingly named Protect North Carolina Workers Act and was ratified 9/29/15, and signed into law by Governor McCrory on 10/29/15. Immigrant and worker rights organizations spent that month protesting at the Governor’s mansion in Raleigh. Allies, like NC NOW, NC Women United, and Planned Parenthood spoke out in support of immigrants and workers at these events too.

Find links to articles on problems with the bill/law and more on the part of the bill taking food stamps away from poor people, like veterans, part-time workers, homeless and those looking for work, at “Governor Mccrory Signs Bill Targting Immigrants and Poor People.”

This forum in Fayetteville covers both.  

Note: Glazier spent 13 years representing Cumberland County in the NC House of Representatives, before resigning in 2015 to lead NCJC.  


Update: Article on event in the Fayetteville Observer can be found at “House Bill 2 opponents urged to vote in November,” 5/19/16.

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