Make sure you are ready to vote on June 7, 2016!

Too few people know about this unusual second primary election on Jun 7, 2016.  Here are some articles and excerpts on why the June 7 election is so important.

News and Observer article, “The primary election no one in NC seems to remember,” (5/17/16) – tells us that “[o]n June 7, another primary election is taking place in North Carolina, and it’s an important one. Congressional candidates from both parties will be on the ballot, and four individuals are vying for a seat on the North Carolina Supreme Court. The primary will narrow it down to two candidates in the nonpartisan Supreme Court election.”

And if you think you voted for Congress during the last primary (March 2016) – you are right.  But it didn’t count. So get ready to vote again!


Editorial “There’s an election on June 7 too,” (Salisbury Post, 4/25/16) says “The importance of an informed vote is compounded by the fact that there’s no possibility of a runoff. Normally, candidates need to secure at least 40 percent of the vote in order to avoid a runoff. In 2016, however, the candidate who receives the most votes advances to the November elections.”

The Quiet Battle for the N.C. Supreme Court Matters More Than You Think (Indy Week, 5/18/16) calls this election “as important an election for the future of North Carolina as any that will be on the ballot this year.” This article also includes a great review of the latest move to keep the Supreme Court in conservative control, history of gerrymandering in NC.  It talks about “a more immediate example of constitutionally dubious legislation” being “the state’s school voucher plan, the so-called Opportunity Scholarship Program. It provides annual grants of up to $4,200 per student to private schools, religious schools, even home schools, with no standards for what’s taught, who the teachers are, or what the students are learning—if anything.”  

Tim White: Don’t be a no-show: This election matters,” (Fayetteville Observer, 5/22/16). “Many elections officials expect an abysmal turnout on June 7. Like really, really awful. Like less than 1 percent of the voters, in many congressional districts.”  Let’s make sure they are wrong! 

Find your voter information at NC Public Voter Search. Put first and last name in, and county if you need to narrow it down, and choose the correct person. You’ll see lots of information including polling place.  You can also click on your sample ballots and see for whom you can vote.  Everyone can vote for NC Supreme Court, and many people can vote for Congress.

This June 7th election may decide the future of North Carolina. Vote please! Encourage any friends or family who are concerned with NC’s rush backwards to vote!

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