Cities For CEDAW Coalition Meets with LA CEDAW Prime

NC NOW is part of NC’s Cities For CEDAW (Convention for Elimination of all forms of Discrimination Against Women) coalition. The coalition meets monthly in Raleigh. Read more about Cities for CEDAW (C4C) at “What do you know about CEDAW? How can it help you?” 8/22/15.

On June 16, the coalition met from 6pm to 8:20pm. From 7pm on, we had a conference call with Araceli Campos from Los Angeles to learn more about LA’s Cities for CEDAW program. Campos walked us through a powerpoint presentation she had sent.

Campos is President of the City of Los Angeles Commission on the Status of Women (CSW), where as a volunteer Commissioner, she advances the City’s efforts to support the success of women and girls. More information on Araceli Campos at the LA Housing and Community Investment Department – Los Angeles.

C4C Conference Call.16Jun16

These are some of the general questions we asked.
How did you pass the C4C resolution as the first step?
What is the most effective description for C4C?
What is your expectation of the city departments reports?
Who does the actual gender analysis?
How are you collaborating/have you collaborated with the local universities?
How far has your project gone through?
What is your recommendation for our coalition to move forward?
What is role of LA Women Commission on Cities for CEDAW project?

Please contact NC NOW or Melissa Peters if you would like to learn more about Cities For CEDAW.

Since we started meeting in April of 2015, we have commissioned 3 studies on women. More on those soon.

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