Give teacher raises with one hand, but with the other hand..

The Senate and House Budgets both give teachers modest pay raises, but continue to ignore most other school staff. Instead of hiring back the over 3000 TAs they forced schools to drop in 2013, they are proposing ways to ‘help’ after a problem has been manifested with “literacy coaches.” More at “Proposed House education budget cuts $27 million for reducing first-grade class sizes, reallocates most to literacy coaches.”  At the same time, the NCGA plans to take even more money from public education.


Teachers and teacher advocates are so upset, they held a very large public education advocacy day at the NCGA on Jun 15, and over 50 teachers spent 2 days marching to Raleigh to bring attention to problems they and their students face! Read more about the advocacy events at “Teachers: Public school system in crisis. STOP. Send money! STOP.

This legislative session, the Senate plans (in their Budget bill) to divert literally MILLIONS of dollars to private (often religious) schools by expanding the school voucher program to an unbelievable amount. NC’s 2017-2018 budget “speeds up a massive expansion of publicly-funded scholarships for low-income students to attend private schools, establishing a $35 million reserve fund that would grow by $10 million annually up to $145 million by 2027-2028, ” according to “As legislative leaders tout teacher raises, educators highlight major shortcomings in the House and Senate budgets,” 6/6/16.The Achievement School District Bill (House Bill 1080) would take control of lower performing (generally poor) schools to the state to give to whomever to run, a plan that has failed quite miserably in Tennessee. Also, Virtual Charter Schools are doing very badly, so instead of making them perform better or leave the state, the House plans to change how they calculate their numbers, not counting drop outs until after the first month. Charter drop-outs are already a problem because when students return to public schools, the money stays with the charters. Learn more at “House budget proposal would reduce residency requirements for teachers in state’s virtual charters,” 5/17/16. 

Two articles best cover the movement to dismantle public education in NC. The Washington Post article, “North Carolina’s step-by-step war on public education,” 8/7/15, describes the larger plan of attacks on public education that the NCGA has been carrying out. “The increasingly intense effort to dismantle public education,” 6/9/16, explains how the individual attacks on public education “are all part of a larger plan to dismantle the current system of public schools in North Carolina and let the religious ideologues and the private for profit companies divide the spoils.”


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