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NC’s Voter ID Law – Overturned!! Voter ID hurt women too.

In a stunning rebuttal, North Carolina’s 2013 voting law was struck down by the 4th US Circuit Court of Appeals on Friday, July 29, 2016!  The 2013 Voter ID and other voting changes were struck down on the basis of unfairly targeting African Americans. What excellent news that no voter id will be required, and that early voting and preregistration of teens is restored. Not covered in the lawsuits is how women had been hurt by Voter ID more than men. Unfortunately, women don’t have enough standing to win a lawsuit without something like Equal Rights Amendment (ERA) in place.  The Voter ID law may be appealed again, but no matter what – this ruling changes a lot for the 2016 general election! Also, there is still work to be done.

The Federal Appellate Court Decision – Discriminatory Intent to this law!

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NC NOW State Conference is Oct 1, 2016. Save the date!

Join us in Raleigh on Saturday, Oct 1, 2016 at the NC NOW State Conference. The theme is “Women Making History NOW” – covering many exciting milestones, including 50th anniversary of the National Organization for Women, a woman being nominated for president by a prominent political party, and more! 

Women’s Equality Day screening of ‘Equal Means Equal’ in NC – 2016

Very excited about the Women’s Equality Day screening of ‘Equal Means Equal’ in NC. Friday, Aug 26, at 4pm, in Manteo!

Equal Means Equal No More Excuses

This is a must-see! Pulls you in right away. Do you remember these terrible quotes?  “If it’s a legitimate rape, the female body has ways to try to shut that whole thing down!” Recent past, people. See the trailer here! Print your own copies or jump to links at Equal_Means_Equal_Announcment_Manteo_LVW_ERA_Links_v2_2016.


Focus of Bennett V is Getting Women To Vote!

Saturday, July 30, 2016, is the 5th annual Bennett women’s conference in Greensboro. Please join NC NOW at NC Women Matter’s Bennett V Conference. NC Women Matter is a coalition of women’s groups in NC. There is still time to register. 

Bennett IV Conference – part of plenary room Photo Credit: Laura Tew

A big focus at this conference will be getting women out to vote and getting women to write women in specific small cities to get them out to vote.  Find out about how you can help with this great effort!
NC4ERA, Ratify ERA NC and NC NOW gave a workshop on the need for ERA at Bennett IV.



Workshop space at Bennett IV. Too bad it doesn’t show Marena’s lovely ERA display! Photo Credit: Laura Tew

Serious Feminist History Available on C-Span!

The 2016 National NOW Conference celebrated the National Organization for Women’s 50th anniversary this year! 

Founding members of NOW celebrated the group’s 50th anniversary during a whole group “breakout session.” The discussion, led by several of the founders, was filmed by C-SPAN and airs on Saturday, Jul 16, 10:30pm EDT on C-SPAN3. 


NOW Conference Panel with Muriel Fox

In case you couldn’t attend the National NOW Conference in person, and even if you did but want to revisit these She-roes! You can watch the panel in the convenience of your home. Orrrr, with friends! Let’s have a watch party on Saturday, Jul 16, at 9 or 10:00pm! Comment or email me if you’re interested.

Just a few words on Muriel Fox, second from left in picture. Muriel Fox received the ‘Woman Of Vision Award’ at the National NOW Conference. People say that the ‘Mad Men’ series could have been written about her life! 

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NC NOW Chapter meetings this week

Asheville NOW: on Sunday, July 10, at 3pm

Another roundtable on Sunday, July 10th at 3pm, at Mother Grove Temple which is located at 70 Woodfin Place Suite 1. Going east on 240, take the Charlotte St exit. At the top of the ramp go straight across Charlotte St. The building in the first on the left. Park near the dumpsters and go to the lower level. We’ll return to the YWCA in September (they’re closed for the summer). We had a terrific discussion at the last meeting and we want your voice at the table next time! 

Next Asheville NOW meeting is Sunday, August 14 at 3PM. Location TBA. Meeting will including Asheville NOW’s Cynthia Drew’s comments on her national NOW conference experience.

Asheville NOW’s facebook page is at

Charlotte NOW: Tues., July 12th: 6-8 pm

Meet at the Morrison Library (7015 Morrison Blvd., Charlotte, NC 28211).

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The things it left undone, Final Legislative Update Short Session (2016)

3 July 2016

ADJOURNMENT:  The session is over.  Adjournment came late Friday night (July 1).  This short session was one of the shortest (68 days) in recent memory; since 2000 the average session has lasted 77 days. The final days were marked by serious in-fighting between House and Senate Republicans that became public.  A budget has been adopted, a minor change was made to the law based on HB2, but some of the most significant actions of this session were the things it left undone.

ChrisSgroSpeaks.WRAL.15813838-1467145393-300x225Rep. Chris Sgro encourages REPEAL of HB 2. Photo Credit: WRAL

Read more about NC’s Budget, HB 2, TABOR, etc., at North_Carolina_NOW_Legislative_Update_Final.3_July_2016.

By Robin Davis, NC NOW VP of Legislation and Lobbyist


The energy in the room was electric! NOW’s 50th.

I had the amazing opportunity to attend NOW’s 50th anniversary conference in Washington DC.  I’ve been a member of NOW since the early 70s.  In high school, I debated the necessity of having an equal rights amendment for women and, frankly, can’t believe we’re still protesting and lobbying to be heard! Attending this conference has been a dream of mine for many years as I’ve raised children, worked full time and had, sadly, neither the time or the money to participate more fully.  I convinced my best friend who I met in college 30 years ago to join me.  

Lori Bunton, Ellie Smeal and Friend at NOW’s 50th Anniversary Conference in Washington DC, 6/24/16 Photo Credit: Lori Bunton

The energy in that room was electric!  The biggest challenge of the conference was deciding which breakout strategy session to attend. 

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