Serious Feminist History Available on C-Span!

The 2016 National NOW Conference celebrated the National Organization for Women’s 50th anniversary this year! 

Founding members of NOW celebrated the group’s 50th anniversary during a whole group “breakout session.” The discussion, led by several of the founders, was filmed by C-SPAN and airs on Saturday, Jul 16, 10:30pm EDT on C-SPAN3. 

NOW Conference Panel with Muriel Fox

In case you couldn’t attend the National NOW Conference in person, and even if you did but want to revisit these She-roes! You can watch the panel in the convenience of your home. Orrrr, with friends! Let’s have a watch party on Saturday, Jul 16, at 9 or 10:00pm! Comment or email me if you’re interested.

Just a few words on Muriel Fox, second from left in picture. Muriel Fox received the ‘Woman Of Vision Award’ at the National NOW Conference. People say that the ‘Mad Men’ series could have been written about her life! 

Fox is a public relations executive who as one of the co-founders of the National Organization for Women helped to organize NOW’s founding conference, and led the communications effort that introduced the modern women’s movement to the media of the world. Muriel acted as President Betty Friedan’s operations director in the early years, orchestrating a nationwide publicity effort that introduced the modern women’s movement to the world. She founded and edited NOW’s first national newsletter, “Do It Now,” and wrote many important letters signed by Friedan to government officials demanding quicker action to reduce discrimination. She was a co-founder and ongoing leader of the NOW Legal Defense and Education Fund (now called Legal Momentum). Read more about about Fox, including how Fox/Friedan got women added to Affirmative Action efforts at  Read more about Fox in Wikipedia.

Have you heard about “Who’s Who of American Women?” Muriel Fox is listed in there. 

We’ll include some of this history at our fall NC NOW state conference, “Women Making History NOW!” on Oct 1, 2016.


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