Encourage women to vote via letters – next Raleigh NOW meeting

Have you been able to help get out the vote this year? Register any voters? Encourage friends to vote? Help with interviews for endorsements?

There are many ways to get out the vote. Here is one you can do from a distance – either from home, or at a house party with friends, or at a meeting – writing letters to encourage women to vote.

woman reading pages
Our letters will not be this long!

There are a few organizations running letter writing campaigns. NC Women Matter (NCWM) is coordinating a non-partisan, grassroots letter writing campaign with other non-profits, like AAUW-NC and LWV-NC.  NCWM leader Pat Orrange says you will enjoy “both the civic engagement and the social networking!”

Pat Orrange speaking at Legislative Building on Mar 3, 2016

You can try out the letter writing in a group at the next Raleigh NOW meeting, on Tuesday, September 6th. This campaign is targeting women in 8 rural areas. We will be writing about some of the key issues that impact women, why their vote matters and urge them to vote in October (early voting) and in November. Election day is Tuesday, Nov 8, 2016. 

NCWM has a 3 point plan for this.
1) write and mail letters.
2) send out the nice short brochure that the women’s organizations made that summarize for women why they should vote.
3) follow up with reminder calls.

You can start with writing letters and help in any way that interests you. The followup (steps 2 and 3) don’t need to be done by the person who wrote the original letter.

If you can’t make the meeting but want to write letters yourself, sign up directly with NC Women Matter. Read more on the NCWM website and sign up there too.

Join us at the Raleigh NOW meeting on Tuesday, Sept 6.  Feel free to bring your own stationary.

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